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Developing for the Oracle Database
1 Coding Standards What this document does not claim to offer is a prescriptive guide on the minutiae of coding standards. Coding standards ...
09-05-2018 18:13:36 Dominic Brooks Oracle
Blocking Prepared XA Transaction
There was an oracle-l thread last month about blocking sessions which could not be identified. I replied back about a very niche scenario wh...
20-01-2018 14:01:05 Dominic Brooks Oracle
Internal Audit Policies
The Oracle RDBMS market has long been a-shrinking. A future as an Oracle specialist definitely looks like being past its shelf-life. Of cour...
27-06-2017 21:44:04 Dominic Brooks Oracle
Outer Join with OR and Lateral View Decorrelation
Use of ANSI SQL is a personal thing. Historically I have not been a fan apart from where it makes things easier/possible. This reticence was...
08-07-2016 08:28:15 Dominic Brooks Oracle
Why you might want to think twice about using INSERT ALL. One of those things I knew and then forgot. So, let's say you've got three tables ...
26-05-2016 19:09:20 Dominic Brooks Oracle
For most of our database set-ups we use a different TEMP space for application users than for end-user/support/develope r/reporting usage. T...
18-04-2016 18:22:24 Dominic Brooks Oracle
Did it really fix it 2: Plan flip, unprofileable, baseline OFE round 2 and “stability”
Snappy title, huh? Aka: Why a sql plan baseline may be no guarantee of stability. The other day, a problematic plan flip Tangent 1: Cue much...
16-11-2015 13:31:04 Dominic Brooks Oracle
Did it really fix it 1: OFE & nasty FIRST_ROWS plan on
Plan degradations on upgrade are normal. This one s no different. On further investigation, turned out application was setting optimizer_mod...
16-11-2015 11:50:52 Dominic Brooks Oracle
SQL Tuning: Thinking in Sets / How and When to be Bushy
Below is a SQL statement from a performance problem I was looking at the other day. This is a real-world bit of SQL which has slightly simpl...
05-11-2015 12:48:27 Dominic Brooks Oracle
What AWR isn’t telling you
It is well-known that AWR, and Statspack before, take snapshots of V$ views (or rather the underlying objects) to produce the data in AWR. I...
16-10-2015 15:08:15 Dominic Brooks Oracle

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