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Building Perfect Development Lab With SQL Server in Containers
I am heavily relying on virtualization in my home lab. I prefer to build separate SQL Server environments for different projects keeping the...
16-10-2018 10:42:04 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
The Hidden Danger of Readable Secondaries in SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I had to troubleshoot interesting performance issue in SQL Server. Suddenly, the CPU load on the ...
12-09-2018 21:00:38 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
Blocking Monitoring Framework: Capture and Analyze SQL Server Blocking and Deadlock Information With Event Notifications
If you worked with SQL Server for a while, you should have noticed how landscape changed over the years. We are dealing with the different p...
02-08-2018 10:05:56 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
Locking in Microsoft SQL Server (Part 21) - Intro Into Transaction Management and Error Handling
As strange as it sounds, I have never considered transaction management to be the topic that requires explanation. However, it seems that so...
23-01-2018 08:16:49 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
Splitting and Merging Non-Empty Partitions in Columnstore Indexes
Last week we discussed how to implement Sliding Window pattern in the tables with columnstore indexes. As I promised, today we are going to ...
28-11-2017 08:17:55 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
Implementing Sliding Windows Data Purge Pattern with Columnstore Indexes
It's been a while since my last blog post. Many things happened, including another great PASS Summit where I presented the session of Data P...
21-11-2017 08:50:20 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
Locking in Microsoft SQL Server (Part 20) - Range lock (RangeS-U) deadlock due to IGNORE_DUP_KEY index option
As you know, SQL Server uses range locks to protect the range of the index keys. This usually happens in SERIALIZABLE isolation level. This ...
11-10-2016 10:21:12 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
LOB and Row-Overflow Storage in In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2016
I think many of us felt quite excited and the same time disappointed with In-Memory OLTP in SQL Server 2014. It was the great and promising ...
27-09-2016 10:04:27 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
How To Move Data and Log Files To Different Drives Keeping the Database Online in Non-Enterprise Editions of SQL Server
We, SQL Server professionals, like Enterprise Edition. It has many bells and whistles that make our life easier and less stressful. We wish ...
08-03-2016 09:11:06 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server
Thinking Outside of In-Memory Box: Supporting Uniqueness and Referential Integrity in In-Memory OLTP
As with any new technology, adoption of In-Memory OLTP comes at a cost. You need to acquire and/or upgrade to SQL Server 2014, spend time le...
23-06-2015 03:00:39 Dmitri Korotkevitch SQL Server

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