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Azure SQL Data Warehouse - Part II - Analyzing Created Databases
I started writing on this long time back but had no way of completing it. My first post on this was Azure SQL Data Warehouse - Part I - Crea...
15-08-2017 08:19:52 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
bcp error - Invalid column type from bcp client for colid 1 - Solution
You might be experiencing the following error with bcp when loading text data to SQL Server table; It is possible to see this error when the...
04-08-2017 22:29:31 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
How to reset IDENTITY in Memory-Optimized Tables
Even though SEQUENCE object is available with much more flexibility, we still use IDENTITY property for adding sequence values to tables, sp...
04-08-2017 11:58:44 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Script for creating DimTime Dimension Table and populating data
The posts I made on date dimension table (Script for populating Date Dimension with Financial Year and Loading Data Script for Snowflake typ...
04-08-2017 05:26:57 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Script for populating Date Dimension with Financial Year
Once I published the code I used for creating date dimension tables and populating data. But it had not handled finance year related date el...
01-08-2017 20:47:18 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
SQL Server bcp error - String data, right truncation
We generally expect a proper row terminator with files loaded using bcp and with all accurately defined switches, data should be loaded with...
31-07-2017 12:08:42 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Power BI supports numeric range slicer now
This is not something released this month but March 2017. These new capabilities of Power BI Slicer is available but many do not use it beca...
12-07-2017 06:18:34 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Database Normalization - 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 4NF and 5NF with examples
Normalization is a process of identifying the optimal grouping (relations at the end) for attributes that satisfies data requirements in an ...
26-06-2017 16:14:03 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Power BI Parameters - What are they and when they can be used?
Microsoft Power BI supports adding parameters for queries and use them with various areas. However, since it has some limitations and cannot...
22-06-2017 06:19:26 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Relational Algebra - Joins - Theta Join, Equijoin, Natural Join, Outer Join, Semijoin
I wrote a post on Relational Algebra that discusses most of operations related to it. This is the continuation of it and this explains Join ...
18-06-2017 09:28:13 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server

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