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Power BI Parameters - What are they and when they can be used?
Microsoft Power BI supports adding parameters for queries and use them with various areas. However, since it has some limitations and cannot...
22-06-2017 06:19:26 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Relational Algebra - Joins - Theta Join, Equijoin, Natural Join, Outer Join, Semijoin
I wrote a post on Relational Algebra that discusses most of operations related to it. This is the continuation of it and this explains Join ...
18-06-2017 09:28:13 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Power BI - Scheduled Refresh section is not available in Settings
Power BI Desktop allows us to import data from files such as CSV and Excel. Once imported, it automatically creates a Model that can be used...
15-06-2017 04:29:01 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Power BI - Cannot highlight or pin visuals when grouped with shapes
Power BI allows us to add shapes like rectangle or oval for marking specific area, showing covered visuals as they are related and operate t...
11-06-2017 06:10:32 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Creating Horizontal Views and Vertical Views
Everyone has either used or created views for getting or creating a dynamic result using one or multiple tables. And everyone knows the usag...
08-06-2017 17:17:53 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Naming columns in the View
How do you name columns returned from your created view? Generally, you do not need to explicitly name them as the names of view-columns are...
08-06-2017 10:45:21 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
What should be considered on Visualization?
Creating a report with stunning, meaningful and appropriate visuals is the key for delivering the information quickly, hence special conside...
06-06-2017 05:36:00 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Calculate the average value against a large table - SQL Server Brain Basher of the Week #068
Let's talk about another Interview Question related to SQL Server development. This is about one of the aggregate functions that is AVG. Her...
05-06-2017 20:18:10 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Power BI - No page to enter SQL Server credentials when connecting - Here is the reason
Have you experienced that Power BI just connects with your SQL Server without requesting your login credentials? Or you might need to connec...
05-06-2017 07:14:15 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Power BI does not show all columns in SQL Server View
I experienced a strange issue with Power BI today, I might have missed something or there is something unknown to me. This is what I experie...
03-06-2017 13:28:47 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server

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