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Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redistributable Setup - You cannot install the 32-bit version, You cannot install the 64-bit version
In order to access Excel workbook using Integration Services, one component we need to install is Microsoft Access Database Engine 2016 Redi...
21-10-2017 17:56:20 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Azure Marketplace - SQL Server 2016 Virtual Machine - Data Tools cannot be installed
As you know, easiest way of getting a SQL Server set up in Azure is, purchasing a Virtual Machine in the Marketplace. There are multiple VMs...
21-10-2017 08:36:53 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
tempdb becomes full when updating Clustered Columnstore index
I had a table with 3.5 billion records and wanted to update one column in all records. This table was not partitioned though the design says...
19-10-2017 07:00:25 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
SQL Server Always Encrypted - Serving applications using Azure Key Vault and Certificate Store
Here is my second video related to Always Encrypted. This video discusses the way of configuring CMK for serving multiple applications hoste...
16-10-2017 09:25:07 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Introduction to Always Encrypted
Here is my second video that speaks about Always Encrypted feature. This video shows How Always Encrypted works, how it should be configured...
12-10-2017 17:21:53 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Introduction to Azure HDInsight
I have written few posts on HDInsight and thought to make series of Video on it as well. Here is the first one, with this video, I discuss, ...
03-10-2017 09:02:47 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Self-Service Business Intelligence with Power BI
Author: Acuity Training - Training Provide for Excel Business Intelligence Understanding Business Intelligence There was a time that Busines...
18-09-2017 16:38:39 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
SQL Server 2016 - CREATE/ALTER PROCEDURE must be the first statement in a query batch
Everyone knows that SQL Server started supporting CREATE OR ALTER statement with SQL Server 2016 and it can be used with few objects. Howeve...
17-09-2017 19:36:16 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
SQL Server TRY_CONVERT returns an error instead of NULL
Can this be happened? The functions TRY_CONVERT and TRY_CAST have been designed for handling errors and they should return NULL when there i...
13-09-2017 19:25:20 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server
Run Hive Queries using Visual Studio
Once HDInsight cluster is configured, we generally use either the portal dashboard (Powered by Ambari) or a tool like PuTTY for executing qu...
13-09-2017 08:50:19 Dinesh Priyankara SQL Server

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