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My top 3 to gather user feedback in an Oracle APEX app
In every Oracle APEX application we create, we add a feedback mechanism. We're not only doing this during the development phase, but we also...
13-03-2018 16:48:23 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Quick SQL: from Packaged App to built-in feature in Oracle APEX 5.2
I blogged about Quick SQL already a few times as I saw not many developers knew about it. In Oracle APEX 5.1 you can install Quick SQL by go...
02-01-2018 12:21:43 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Visual Studio Code Extensions I use
In my post List of the tools I use and why I use them I already mentioned I use Visual Studio Code as my main editor. Before I used differen...
21-12-2017 15:28:52 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Reverse engineer existing Oracle tables to Quick SQL
If you didn't hear about Oracle Quick SQL, it's time to read about it as it's something you have without knowing (it's a packaged app in Ora...
08-12-2017 20:46:46 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Meet me in Australia and New Zealand at the OTN Days 2017
Tonight I'll start my trip from Belgium to Australia and New Zealand. Although we have a company in New Zealand and Australia, which Lino is...
14-11-2017 15:42:24 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
APEX Office Print 3.1 released - support for Docker
Last week we release APEX Office Print (AOP) 3.1, our best release ever :) AOP was already the easiest and most fully integrated printing an...
16-10-2017 12:03:38 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Talking about APEX Reporting and AOP @ Montreal Oracle Dev Day 2017
For those in Montreal and the surrounding area I encourage you to come out to the Montreal Oracle Dev Day on October 25th (8:30-4:30 at Cent...
11-10-2017 09:17:38 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
JavaScript, Node.js, JET and APEX day, 7-NOV-2017, Belgium
With great pleasure I can announce we have a special APEX Meetup in Belgium on Tuesday, November 7, 2017. Dan McGhan is our special guest an...
09-10-2017 11:41:49 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Choosing the right template and print to PDF from your Oracle APEX application
This post is part of a series of posts: From idea to app or how I do an Oracle APEX project anno 2017 To motivate players to exercise more, ...
06-10-2017 15:30:45 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Multiple APEX Workspaces in one Oracle Exadata Express Cloud account now possible
Last night my Oracle Exadata Express Cloud account was updated to APEX 5.1.2, but there was more updated once I looked closer into the dashb...
23-09-2017 12:55:58 Dimitri Gielis Oracle

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