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Take a few minutes to patch Oracle APEX 5.1
Yesterday a first patch set of Oracle Application Express (APEX) 5.1 has been made available to download. one-of patches If you encounter is...
29-03-2017 15:37:14 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Comma separated search and search with checkboxes in Oracle APEX
When you have a classic report in Oracle Application Express (APEX) and want to make it searchable you typically add a Text Item in the regi...
17-02-2017 00:30:36 Dimitri Gielis Oracle copy
When reviewing Oracle APEX applications I often see hardcoded date or timestamp formats. You can define your date formats in multiple places...
13-02-2017 18:26:39 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Changing the label of an item in Oracle APEX dynamically
Today I got the question how to change the label of an item in Oracle Application Express (APEX) based on some condition. I actually had thi...
07-02-2017 23:46:20 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
My first blog post with
I'm trying to write this blog post with like Martin I'm also searching for alternative ways to write blog posts. I don't wa...
10-01-2017 01:34:10 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Start to develop in APEX 5.1, you will gain at least an hour a day!
Yesterday APEX 5.1 ( was installed on This means that you can start developing your apps in APEX 5.1 from now o...
17-12-2016 12:43:39 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
OTN Appreciation Day : APEX
If you're following some Oracle blogs or Twitter, you'll see many blog posts starting with "OTN Appreciation Day : " today. You can read the...
11-10-2016 23:53:32 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Installing SQLcl on OEL/RHEL
In my previous post I talked about how SQLcl came in handy to work with JavaScript against the database. The installation of SQLcl is easy.....
05-08-2016 00:30:57 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
SQLcl to the rescue when the Database and APEX fail (with JSON limitations)
In the last two years I've been using JSON in almost every project I was involved in. For example with APEX Office Print our plugin is sendi...
04-08-2016 01:44:45 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
Enter your bets on now
Looks like I forgot to put on my blog also this year we created a bet site for the European Cup Soccer. Thanks to the people who reminded me...
10-06-2016 14:02:47 Dimitri Gielis Oracle

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