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MySQL X DevAPI Connection Pool with Connector/Python
If you have an application that need to use multiple connections to the MySQL database for short periods of times, it can be a good to use a...
15-11-2018 09:19:34 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Auto-Refreshing Reports in MySQL Shell
MySQL Shell makes it easy to develop tools you can use for example to generate reports. In a previous blog, I showed how to use external mod...
13-11-2018 10:57:38 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Tracking Foreign Keys
The other day, I was reading a blog by Magnus Hagander about tracking foreign keys throughout a schema in PostgreSQL. I thought it was a goo...
11-11-2018 11:49:04 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Window Functions with Unusual Boundaries
Somebody on Freenode wanted this: Source Result +----+------+ +----+------+ | id | x | | id | c | +----+------+ +----+------+ | 1 | 1 | | 1 ...
08-11-2018 20:42:17 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Using Django with MySQL 8
A framework can be a great way to allow you to spend more time on the actual application or web site and less time on standard tasks. It can...
05-11-2018 12:23:15 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Slides and Workbooks From Oracle OpenWorld & CodeOne
First of all, thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at the recent Oracle OpenWorld and Code One in San Francisco. It was a great privi...
01-11-2018 09:01:28 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL Shell 8.0.13 Prompt: Now with New Line Support
I have already blogged a couple of times about the MySQL Shell prompt. In the first blog, I wrote about how in general to configure it, and ...
31-10-2018 10:13:21 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL Server 8.0.13: Thanks for the 11 Facebook and Community Contributions
MySQL 8.0.13 was released this week. There are several exiting changes including functional indexes and using general expressions as the def...
25-10-2018 22:04:52 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL 8: Performance Schema Digests Improvements
Since MySQL 5.6, the digest feature of the MySQL Performance Schema has provided a convenient and effective way to obtain statistics of quer...
09-10-2018 12:12:11 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Replication Monitoring with the Performance Schema
The traditional way to monitor replication in MySQL is the SHOW SLAVE STATUS command. However as it will be shown, it has its limitations an...
05-10-2018 14:29:00 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL

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