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MySQL 8: Drop Several Stored Events, Procedures, or Functions
Maybe the biggest new feature in MySQL 8 is the new transaction data dictionary that improves the consistency of schema objects among other ...
02-12-2018 11:40:06 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL X DevAPI Connection Pool with Connector/Python
If you have an application that need to use multiple connections to the MySQL database for short periods of times, it can be a good to use a...
15-11-2018 09:19:34 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Auto-Refreshing Reports in MySQL Shell
MySQL Shell makes it easy to develop tools you can use for example to generate reports. In a previous blog, I showed how to use external mod...
13-11-2018 10:57:38 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Tracking Foreign Keys
The other day, I was reading a blog by Magnus Hagander about tracking foreign keys throughout a schema in PostgreSQL. I thought it was a goo...
11-11-2018 11:49:04 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Window Functions with Unusual Boundaries
Somebody on Freenode wanted this: Source Result +----+------+ +----+------+ | id | x | | id | c | +----+------+ +----+------+ | 1 | 1 | | 1 ...
08-11-2018 20:42:17 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Using Django with MySQL 8
A framework can be a great way to allow you to spend more time on the actual application or web site and less time on standard tasks. It can...
05-11-2018 12:23:15 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Slides and Workbooks From Oracle OpenWorld & CodeOne
First of all, thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at the recent Oracle OpenWorld and Code One in San Francisco. It was a great privi...
01-11-2018 09:01:28 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL Shell 8.0.13 Prompt: Now with New Line Support
I have already blogged a couple of times about the MySQL Shell prompt. In the first blog, I wrote about how in general to configure it, and ...
31-10-2018 10:13:21 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL Server 8.0.13: Thanks for the 11 Facebook and Community Contributions
MySQL 8.0.13 was released this week. There are several exiting changes including functional indexes and using general expressions as the def...
25-10-2018 22:04:52 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL 8: Performance Schema Digests Improvements
Since MySQL 5.6, the digest feature of the MySQL Performance Schema has provided a convenient and effective way to obtain statistics of quer...
09-10-2018 12:12:11 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL

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