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Meet MySQL Support at Oracle OpenWorld and Code One 2018
Oracle MySQL Support will this year again take part in the Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Additionally, we will present at th...
13-09-2018 11:18:41 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
NoSQL/X DevAPI Tutorial with MySQL Connector/Python 8.0
The MySQL Document Store became general available (GA) with MySQL 8. One of the nice features of the MySQL Document Store is the X DevAPI th...
10-09-2018 12:32:14 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Awesome MySQL Shell Prompt
A month ago, I wrote a blog on how you can configure the MySQL Shell prompt to suit your needs. One thing I did not go into details with are...
04-09-2018 11:38:25 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL Connector/Python on iOS Using Pythonista 3
One of the nice things about MySQL Connector/Python is that it is available in a pure Python implementation. This makes it very portable. To...
31-08-2018 13:48:11 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL Shell: Built-In Help
It can be hard to recall all the details of how a program and API work. The usual way to handle that is to look at the manual or a book. Ano...
25-08-2018 05:24:31 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL NDB Cluster: Never Install a Management Node on the Same Host as a Data Node
In MySQL NDB Cluster, the management node (ndb_mgmd) is a lightweight process that among other things handles the configuration of the clust...
22-08-2018 12:49:52 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Apress Blog About MySQL Connector/Python
Apress have been kind enough to invite me to write a blog in connection with my recently released book MySQL Connector/Python Revealed. I ch...
21-08-2018 10:35:21 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL Shell: Using External Python Modules
MySQL Shell is a great tool for working with MySQL. One of the features that make it stand out compared to the traditional mysql command-lin...
16-08-2018 12:11:37 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
High Availability with MySQL Cluster, a Quick How-To Guide for Dummies (I)
I have been playing with MySQL Cluster for some years now, and today I'd like to start writing a bit about it, how to set it up, configure, ...
15-08-2018 06:55:28 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
Top 5 Things to Consider to Get Started with MySQL Performance Tuning
Today I'll share a few slides I prepared last year for a presentation delivered at Oracle Open World. This is a quick and easy hands-on lab ...
15-08-2018 00:11:24 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL

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