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Connecting Postgres to Active Directory for Authentication
I have connected our Postgres instance to Active Directory for authentication because I didn't want to manage passwords for hundreds for use...
10-01-2018 22:20:08 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Tracing Tableau to Postgres connectivity issue using Wireshark!
I spent last couple of weeks trying to resolve connection issues from Tableau Server 10.3 to Postgres 9.6.6. If you are not familiar with Ta...
26-12-2017 22:26:20 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Christmas Gift!
Merry Christmas!! If you are using SQL Server or Oracle databases, I'm giving away my 1 hour of time for rest of this week for free of cost ...
26-12-2016 20:45:06 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Running Postgres in Docker
For last six months, I have been working on moving Postgres from bare metal & VM based systems in Docker. As of today, we have migrated a co...
30-11-2016 00:15:51 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
YUM repo location & HTTPS change for Postgres !
As Devrim blogged about changes in Postgres YUM repo location changes, I wanted to write down procedure I have to follow this morning for my...
29-09-2016 18:09:18 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Advanced Postgres Monitoring!
Today, I presented at PgOpen 2016 (Postgres conference) in Dallas, TX. Here is the slide deck :
15-09-2016 17:37:59 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Recovering Postgres database from disk level corruption!!
A couple of weeks ago, I had to deal with corrupted Postgres database cluster. At the end, we couldn't able to recover some of the data but ...
10-09-2016 01:46:06 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Analyzing effect on default_statistics_target on ANALYZE
Last week, I received request to increase PostgreSQL's config parameter default_statistics_target on one of the very large DB clusters. The ...
16-01-2016 08:47:55 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Let’s hangout w/ Postgres people on Slack!
While casual discussions with postgres users at onferences and/or online, I came across this question for at least 3-4 times; Is there a Sla...
05-12-2015 13:51:48 Denish Patel PostgreSQL
Postgres Replication Slot & pg_basebackup
On #postgresql IRC channel, someone was having problem bringing up standby database server from backups taken using pg_basebackup and recove...
27-10-2015 15:47:09 Denish Patel PostgreSQL

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