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SAP Hana is becoming increasingly popular these days. It comes with its own demo schema, STUDENT. However, being an old Oracle hack, I porte...
22-11-2017 04:39:09 dbwhisperer Oracle
Finding the trace files
In Oracle versions before 12c, it was necessary to resort to complex magic to find out the location of the process trace file. One of the mo...
10-11-2017 21:17:51 dbwhisperer Oracle
ACFS 12.2 Quirks with defragmentation
I have a 12.2 RAC cluster in my lab, on two virtual machines. Checking out what acfsutil can do, I figured out that it can supposedly do def...
01-09-2017 05:15:04 dbwhisperer Oracle
RAC 12.2, part 2
Well, today was an interesting day. My ASM, configured with so much effort, stopped working: root@rac1 grid]# . grid/.bashrc [root@rac1 grid...
28-08-2017 01:58:28 dbwhisperer Oracle
RAC 12.2
I am in the process of installing RAC 12.2. The installation procedure has undergone a significant change, for the better. It's now much eas...
27-08-2017 00:50:40 dbwhisperer Oracle
Rename Pluggable Database
I stumbled upon a convenient way to rename a pluggable database: SQL> alter system enable restricted session; System altered. SQL> alter dat...
08-12-2016 21:40:45 dbwhisperer Oracle
Oracle 12c has a new feature related to optimizer dynamic sampling. The new level 11 is supposed to put the dynamic sampling on auto pilot a...
05-11-2016 21:07:33 dbwhisperer Oracle
Oracle 12c, big table caching
In Oracle 11g, there has been annoying change which has frequently had a seriously detrimental effect to the application performance. All ta...
03-10-2016 04:59:23 dbwhisperer Oracle
Smarter DG Broker in Oracle 12c
In Oracle 11G, DG Broker needed to be told whether the standby database was physical or logical. The command to add database in 11G was some...
29-08-2016 00:23:01 dbwhisperer Oracle
Synthetic Full Backup for Oracle
Synthetic full backup is a method for combining incremental backup into a full backup. It is not a new thing, many backup utilities can do t...
28-08-2016 07:43:09 dbwhisperer Oracle

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