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Oracle Constraints: The Complete Guide
You want to avoid having bad data, right? Data that doesn't make sense, is missing when it should be populated, or refers to other data that...
17-04-2018 12:16:30 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle 18c Guide and FAQ
Oracle 18c has been released. What's included? How does it impact you as a developer or a DBA? How can you get access to it to play around w...
20-02-2018 20:12:09 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Complete List of Oracle Conferences
The software development industry has a lot of conferences. And Oracle is no different. Conferences can help you learn new topics and featur...
12-02-2018 20:29:22 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Database Developer
So, you're interested in becoming a database developer? Great news! I'll show you the path you can take, what skills are needed, and much mo...
09-01-2018 12:46:38 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle Interval Functions Guide, FAQ & Examples
Oracle's two INTERVAL data types are used to store a period of time. There are a few functions that convert data into these data types. Lear...
07-01-2018 01:16:16 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle Mathematical Functions
Do you need to use sine, cosine, or tangent functions in your queries or database code? Oracle has plenty of those functions you can use. Le...
06-01-2018 18:30:04 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle UPPER, LOWER, and INITCAP Function Guide, FAQ & Examples
Changing the case of text in Oracle is a common task when comparing strings or validating data. Learn how to do it with the UPPER, LOWER, an...
06-01-2018 11:49:59 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle SQLCODE and SQLERRM Function Guide, FAQ, & Examples
Do you need to find out more information about your errors and exceptions in PL/SQL? You can use the SQLCODE and SQLERRM functions to do tha...
06-01-2018 05:06:33 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle REMAINDER and MOD Function Guide, FAQ, and Examples
The Oracle MOD and REMAINDER functions are very similar and are useful for working with numbers and even for other operations. Learn what th...
04-01-2018 16:45:24 DBS (Database Star) Oracle

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