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4 Books for Programmers I've Read
There are many good books for programmers outside of those that teach how a certain technology or programming language. I've listed some I'v...
29-10-2018 20:28:50 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
37 Time Management Tips for Software Developers
As a software developer, you probably find yourself with more work than you can handle, or maybe it feels like there is not enough time in t...
28-10-2018 21:32:14 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
SQL Subqueries: The Complete Guide
Subqueries are powerful features of SQL. If you want to move beyond the basics of SQL, then subqueries are something you need to know about....
23-10-2018 01:03:42 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
How to Install Oracle on a Mac
Installing an Oracle database on a Mac computer is a bit different to installing it on a Windows or Linux computer. If you're running a MacB...
16-10-2018 10:51:47 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
ODC Appreciation Day 2018: Oracle Live SQL
ODC Appreciation Day is a roundup of blog posts by Oracle database blog owners on their favourite features of SQL Developer and other Oracle...
11-10-2018 03:55:09 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle SQL PIVOT and UNPIVOT: The Complete Guide
Have you ever needed to convert a set of data from rows into columns? You can do this using the Oracle PIVOT feature (and the reverse using ...
17-09-2018 23:04:42 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
JDBC in Java, Hibernate, and ORMs: The Ultimate Resource
As a Java developer, it's very likely you'll need to connect to a database. There are several ways to do this in Java, from creating a simpl...
11-09-2018 13:25:02 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
24 Database Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
Creating a database is easy. Designing an effective database, the right way, using good practices, is hard. In this article, I've listed 24 ...
18-08-2018 01:12:51 DBS (Database Star) Oracle

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