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Oracle CEIL and FLOOR Function Guide, FAQ, and Examples
The Oracle CEIL function and FLOOR function are opposites of each other and are very useful functions when dealing with numbers. Learn what ...
18-11-2017 22:52:43 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
The Complete Guide to Oracle Sequences
In this article, I'll explain what an Oracle sequence is, how to create one, and how to use them. What is a Sequence in Oracle? A sequence i...
13-11-2017 12:01:04 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
The Complete Guide to Oracle REGEXP Functions
Are you confused by Oracle regular expressions? Want to know how to use them to get the information you need for your queries? Learn all abo...
06-11-2017 12:08:36 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle SYSDATE Function Guide, FAQ, & Examples
Oracle SYSDATE is one of the most popular functions in Oracle. Learn what it does, how to SELECT and INSERT it in this article. Purpose of t...
30-10-2017 12:23:15 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
The Complete Guide to Oracle Synonyms
In this article, I'll explain all you need to know about Synonyms. What is an Oracle Synonym? A synonym is an object in a database that repr...
23-10-2017 14:13:51 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
In this article, I'll explain what an SCN is and how to use both the SCN_TO_TIMESTAMP and TIMESTAMP_TO_SCN function. Oracle SCN Explained: W...
16-10-2017 13:31:27 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
ThanksODC 2017 – Easy Setup of SQL Developer
For my 2017 ThanksODC post, I'd like to thank the developers and the community for making Oracle's SQL Developer so easy to install and set ...
10-10-2017 10:58:25 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle LPAD and RPAD Function Guide, FAQ & Examples
The Oracle LPAD and RPAD functions can be quite useful in your queries. Learn more about the LPAD and RPAD functions and see some examples i...
08-10-2017 00:25:05 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
A Step-By-Step Guide to Normalization in DBMS With Examples
Database normalisation is a concept that can be hard to understand. But it doesn't have to be. In this article, I'll explain what normalisat...
01-10-2017 03:05:01 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
What Are The DML, DDL, and TCL Commands in SQL?
There are three main types of SQL statements in Oracle (and SQL overall). Learn what they are and what the commands are in this article. The...
25-09-2017 13:50:19 DBS (Database Star) Oracle

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