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SQL Set Operators: The Complete Guide to UNION, INTERSECT & MINUS
Are you wondering what set operators are? Have you seen keywords like UNION or MINUS and want to know what they do and why they are used? In...
19-07-2018 14:14:46 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
SQL Operators: The Complete Guide
Do you want to know the different ways of comparing data in SQL, using operators? SQL operators include EXISTS, IN, LIKE, BETWEEN, and many ...
17-07-2018 14:02:05 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
SQL Stored Procedures: The Complete Guide
Do you want to know what a stored procedure is, how it can help your SQL, and how to create one? Read this guide to find out all of those, a...
12-07-2018 13:15:52 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Database Keys: The Complete Guide (Surrogate, Natural, Composite & More)
Natural key, surrogate key, composite key. What do these terms mean? And why should you know what they are? In this article, you'll learn wh...
10-07-2018 13:50:48 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle Merge: The Complete Guide
Do you need to insert or update data depending on if it already exists? You can do this with the MERGE statement in Oracle SQL. What is the ...
22-05-2018 13:40:58 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
SQL Joins: The Complete Guide
An SQL join is a concept that allows you to retrieve data from two or more tables in a single query. It's what makes databases so useful, an...
15-05-2018 01:53:58 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
37 SQL Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Tools for SQL Development and Administration
There are a large number of tools available for Oracle SQL developers and DBAs to use. It's hard to know which tools are useful, will help y...
02-05-2018 21:44:06 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle Constraints: The Complete Guide
You want to avoid having bad data, right? Data that doesn't make sense, is missing when it should be populated, or refers to other data that...
17-04-2018 12:16:30 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Oracle 18c Guide and FAQ
Oracle 18c has been released. What's included? How does it impact you as a developer or a DBA? How can you get access to it to play around w...
20-02-2018 20:12:09 DBS (Database Star) Oracle

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