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2018 Events – February to April
2017 Was a very busy year for me (the two dozen events on the sidebar do not include a few user group and Meetups where I spoke) and 2018 is...
12-01-2018 17:45:37 Dave Stokes MySQL
Confoo Vancouver
Confoo Vancouver is December 4-6th and I will be speaking on Why Your Database Queries Stink and MySQL Replication From Simple to Group Repl...
03-12-2017 15:14:45 Dave Stokes MySQL
All Things Open to Zendcon next week
The week of the 23rd of October has two of my favorite shows and sadly, for me, they are at the same time on opposite sides of the country. ...
19-10-2017 17:42:51 Dave Stokes MySQL
MySQL is proud to again sponsor SwanseaCon and I will be speaking on making MySQL Agile-ish. Recent advancements in MySQL such as the JSON d...
25-09-2017 09:52:46 Dave Stokes MySQL
NYC MySQL Innovation Day October 10th
You're Invited to Oracle MySQL Innovation Day! Join us to hear directly from MySQL's lead engineers about MySQL's latest advances and road m...
15-09-2017 21:31:17 Dave Stokes MySQL
MySQL at Oracle Open World
Oracle Open World's session catalog is online. Here are some of the MySQL centeric highlights! MySQL Shell: The DevOps Tool for MySQL Monday...
07-09-2017 21:11:46 Dave Stokes MySQL
PNWPHP and Swanseacon
Busy month with PNWPHP at Washington University's Kane Hall September 7th to the 9th. MySQL is sponsoring and I will be manning the booth. T...
05-09-2017 17:47:55 Dave Stokes MySQL
Northeast PHP
Next week Northeast PHP returns to Price Edward Island and Charltottetown. Last year this event moved from Cambridge to Canada and found a w...
04-08-2017 17:20:19 Dave Stokes MySQL
MySQL 8 and Common Table Expressions – An Introduction
MySQL 8 will have Common Table Expressions also known as CTEs. I have had people asking me when MySQL would have CTEs for years and I am gla...
01-08-2017 00:02:57 Dave Stokes MySQL
Phoenix This Thursday
I will be speaking in Phoenix this Thursday! Description: MySQL introduced a native JSON data type with version 5.7. But how do you work wit...
10-07-2017 16:09:14 Dave Stokes MySQL

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