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Little Rock Tech Fest, Symfony Live, Zendcon, Oracle Open World, Oracle Code One, and Madison PHP
October promises to be a busy month. I will be at the Little Rock Tech Fest October 4th and 5th speaking on The Proper Care and Feeding of a...
26-09-2018 23:13:13 Dave Stokes MySQL
PHP on the West Coast
I was barely back from the UK when I got back on a jet and made my way to Portland for CascadiaPHP where I will speaking on the MySQL Docume...
14-09-2018 16:12:25 Dave Stokes MySQL
Wales and London next week
Next week is a trip to Swansea in Wales for SwanseaCon on Monday the 10th where I will be speaking on MySQL 8 Server Optimization. And then ...
05-09-2018 21:50:32 Dave Stokes MySQL
Output MySQL in JSON Format
I was recently asked if there is anyway to select non-JSON data from a MySQL database and output that data in JSON format. There are two ver...
13-08-2018 22:55:32 Dave Stokes MySQL
MySQL Group Replication July 7th at DFW Unix User Group
I will be speaking at the Dallas Fort Worth Unix User Group meeting July 7th MySQL Group Replication. Some folks asked for a reminder well b...
20-06-2018 19:21:18 Dave Stokes MySQL
Top Ten Thanks!
Thanks to all who read this blog and my other blog at ElephantDolphin.blogspot. com! Advertisements
20-06-2018 01:38:58 Dave Stokes MySQL
Percona Live Santa Clara 2018
Whew! For those of you who missed the Percona Live show this week you really picked a bad time to miss a show. The big news was the release ...
27-04-2018 22:24:37 Dave Stokes MySQL
Longhorn PHP, Percona Live, and Pacific Northwest Linuxfest
Three big shows back to back to back these next ten days! I have not even fully unpack from the exciting PHP Yorkshire conference before hea...
18-04-2018 23:31:38 Dave Stokes MySQL
Yorkshire PHP & MySQL Innovation Days
PHP Yorkshire is April 13th and 14th in the wonderful city of York. MySQL is proud to again sponsor this exciting conference and please stop...
12-04-2018 22:43:50 Dave Stokes MySQL
The Zero to DBA Hero Track at SELF is now TWO DAYS!
The Southeast Linuxfest is expanding Zero to DBA Hero track to two days for 2018. This is a big step for the show that is celebrating its te...
06-04-2018 16:46:08 Dave Stokes MySQL

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