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PostgreSQL JDBC 4.1.4 driver released
The PostgreSQL JDBC team is pleased to announce the release of version 4.1.4. Below are changes included since 42.1.1 Version 42.1.4 (2017-0...
01-08-2017 22:04:52 Dave Cramer PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL JDBC driver 42.1.1 released
The JDBC development group has released the latest driver with the following notable changes Notable changesfix: data being trucated in setC...
06-05-2017 20:29:55 Dave Cramer PostgreSQL
Trusted Languages in PostgreSQL ... finally with PL/Container
Today PL/Container has been released as open source under the BSD license. PL/Container runs Python code (and hopefully R code when we can o...
08-04-2017 01:11:50 Dave Cramer PostgreSQL
Implementing SCRAM in the JDBC driver
PostgreSQL 10.0 has a fancy new authentication mechanism; Salted Challenge Response Authentication Method or SCRAM for short. SCRAM will be ...
07-04-2017 12:34:19 Dave Cramer PostgreSQL
Logical Decoding using the JDBC Driver
Logical Decoding What is Logical Decoding It's useful to understand what physical replication is in order to understand logical decoding. Ph...
09-03-2017 17:20:45 Dave Cramer PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver Version 9_4_1202 released
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver Version 9_4_1202 releasedLots of bug fixes and some awesome performance enhancements, including statement cachingVers...
27-08-2015 18:15:00 Dave Cramer PostgreSQL

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