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Creating Database (ER) Diagram with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an ER diagram with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). 1. Creating new diagram To...
14-09-2017 13:45:50 DataEDO Mishmash
Test If Your Database Has Foreign Keys Or Is It Full of Loners (Metric + Test Queries)
I recently wrote a few articles on FKs in database (Why there are no FKs, SQL traps) that sparked discussion on a few LinkedIn groups. The f...
06-09-2017 21:28:09 DataEDO Mishmash
Guide to Documenting Data Warehouse with Dataedo
This tutorial will show you how you can document your existing data warehouse and share this documentation within your organization. A data ...
05-09-2017 17:50:08 DataEDO Mishmash
What You Can Comment In Oracle
There are two mechanisms in Oracle database that let you comment (describe) your database schema elements. Those are: Code Comments and Comm...
30-08-2017 14:39:24 DataEDO Mishmash
Captain Obivous' Guide to Column Descriptions - Data Dictionary Best Practices
Whenever you have data, you should have some kind of description of what it represents. Some may think that table and column names are enoug...
29-08-2017 17:34:54 DataEDO Mishmash
How to Generate Database Documentation with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler
This tutorial will show you how to generate documentation of your Oracle database with a free tool from Oracle - SQL Developer Data Modeler ...
23-08-2017 17:36:09 DataEDO Mishmash
How to Browse Dataedo Documentation From Within Oracle SQL Developer
When it comes to documenting Oracle databases Dataedo is the tool of my choice, but it lacks one important feature. My desktop is always occ...
22-08-2017 17:45:24 DataEDO Mishmash
How to document REST API project written in PHP using Swagger and Dataedo
Writing REST API in mostly focused on planning the interface which is later accessed using curl, js, other backend systems or event mobile a...
18-08-2017 15:27:32 DataEDO Mishmash
Don't Most Databases Have Foreign Key Constraints? [Research data + Poll]
This article is a part of a longer discussion about the lack of foreign key constraints in databases. Article about reasons why many databas...
17-08-2017 18:23:14 DataEDO Mishmash
Major Applications Do Not Use Foreign Key Constraints In Their Databases (Oracle, Microsoft, SAP)
Recently, I had a number of discussions in LinkedIn groups about the lack of foreign key constraints in the databases and most architects, D...
09-08-2017 15:32:18 DataEDO Mishmash

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