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Postgres Open Silicon Valley line-up: First take
This year Postgres open and PGConf SV have combined to great a bigger and better conference right in downtown San Francisco. I'm obviously b...
01-07-2017 17:39:04 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Working with time in Postgres
A massive amount of reporting queries, whether really intensive data analysis, or just basic insights into your business involving looking a...
08-06-2017 21:10:47 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Why use Postgres (Updated for last 5 years)
Five years ago I wrote a post that got some good attention on why you should use Postgres. Almost a year later I added a bunch of things I m...
30-04-2017 18:00:47 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Getting started with JSONB in Postgres
JSONB is an awesome datatype in Postgres. I find myself using it on a weekly basis these days. Often in using some API (such as clearbit) I'...
12-03-2017 19:18:03 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Simple but handy Postgres features
It seems each week when I'm reviewing data with someone a feature comes up that they had no idea existed within Postgres. In an effort to co...
08-01-2017 18:05:05 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Syncing from Postgres to Salesforce - Data Mappings
For the second time now I've had to implement a system that syncs from my system of record into, the first at Heroku and now ...
23-11-2016 17:52:03 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Open DNS for when DNS outages occur
Open DNS is a DNS resolver that caches records beyond their TTL if the upstream DNS server cannot be found. In cases like today's major outa...
21-10-2016 22:17:40 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
A tour of Postgres' Foreign Data Wrappers
SQL can be a powerful language for reporting. Whether you're just exploring some data, or generating reports that show month over month reve...
11-09-2016 19:18:57 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Five mistakes beginners make when working with databases
When you start out as a developer there's an overwhelming amount of things to grasp. First there's the language itself, then all the quirks ...
07-06-2016 19:51:48 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Hands On Postgres Sharding
Back in 2012 I wrote an overview of database sharding. Since then I've had a few questions about it, which have really increased in frequenc...
28-02-2016 20:49:09 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL

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