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The biggest mistake Postgres ever made
Postgres has experienced a long and great run. It is over 20 years old and has a track record of being safe and reliable (which is the top t...
30-10-2018 15:14:59 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Postgres 11 - A First Look
Postgres 11 is almost here, in fact the latest beta shipped today, and it features a lot of exciting improvements. If you want to get the fu...
20-09-2018 17:14:46 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
PostgresOpen 2018 - First look at talks
PostgresOpen is just a few months away and our list of talks is now live and available on the PostgresOpen website. This year selecting the ...
27-06-2018 18:57:52 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Same great Postgres with a new player in town
Many of us have known how great Postgres was for years. In fact I recall a conversation with some sales engineers about 6 years ago that pre...
20-03-2018 21:01:37 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Postgres hidden gems
Postgres has a rich set of features, even when working everyday with it you may not discover all it has to offer. In hopes of learning some ...
31-01-2018 19:00:47 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Sourcing developer marketing content
I spend a lot of time with dev tool and data companies. I think I've more or less banished myself to a life of working in the space, no cons...
28-12-2017 18:32:37 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Guidance on performing retrospectives
In my career I've had to conduct a number of retrospectives. Ahead of them it already sucked, there was an outage at some point, customers w...
26-12-2017 15:49:17 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Postgres - the non-code bits
Postgres is an interesting open source project. It's truly one of a kind, it has it's own license to prove it as opposed to falling under so...
31-10-2017 22:59:10 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Dear Postgres
Dear Postgres, I've always felt an affinity for you in my 9 years of working with you. I know others have known you longer, but that doesn't...
12-10-2017 20:00:36 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL
Tracking and managing your Postgres connections
Managing connections in Postgres is a topic that seems to come up several times a week in conversations. I've written some about scaling you...
19-09-2017 01:49:17 Craig Kerstiens PostgreSQL

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