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The phantom tablespace
(Cueing my deep baritone Morpheus voice ) What if I told you that you can reference non-existent tablespaces in your DDL? OK, it sounds like...
28-11-2018 06:39:09 Connor McDonald Oracle
IRR function in PLSQL
We had an AskTOM question recently about how to calculate the IRR, ie, the Internal Rate of Return. To be honest, I had not really heard of ...
26-11-2018 08:47:54 Connor McDonald Oracle
You need 10 minutes! Not 5, not 15, not 7
What follow is just my opinion .Well duh, it's a blog, of course it's just my opinion, but I'll try back up my rantings and pontificating wi...
24-11-2018 03:28:27 Connor McDonald Oracle
Happy Thanksgiving!
Just a quick blog post from Wellington New Zealand where we have just wrapped up the 2018 APAC Groundbreakers tour. It was a great way to fi...
23-11-2018 11:26:14 Connor McDonald Oracle
18c and the ignoring of hints
One of the new features in 18c is the ability to ignore any optimizer hints in a session or across the entire database. A motivation for thi...
21-11-2018 04:19:32 Connor McDonald Oracle
Add ORDER BY to make ANY query faster
Yes it's SCBT day here in Perth! SCBT = Silly Click Bait Title This post is just a cautionary tale that it is easy to get caught up judging ...
07-11-2018 08:54:44 Connor McDonald Oracle
Interval versus Range partitions
One of the nice things about partitioning in the database is that partition pruning can quickly eliminate the requirement to read large amou...
06-11-2018 03:06:35 Connor McDonald Oracle
The Openworld Mega-Download!
If you are sad and pathetic enthusiastic and interested in content like me, once a large conference like OpenWorld is over, I like to have t...
02-11-2018 03:49:41 Connor McDonald Oracle
The strange place for INHERIT PRIVILEGES
A while back in an Office Hours session, I touched on a relatively new privilege in the database called INHERIT PRIVILEGES which is designed...
31-10-2018 04:42:57 Connor McDonald Oracle
OpenWorld is done!
The OpenWorld conference is over for another year. It's always a thrill, albeit a hard-working thrill, to visit San Francisco and be a part ...
29-10-2018 04:11:26 Connor McDonald Oracle

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