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Why being wrong can be awesome
OK, Now that I've started the post with a nice click-bait heading, let's get down to the business of being wrong. I did a lot of conference ...
20-10-2017 10:56:09 Connor McDonald Oracle
Idle banter
When your car gets a flat tyre, it's always handy to have a spare. We do the same with the database SQL> select 2 x.ksppinm name 3 from 4 sy...
16-10-2017 05:23:30 Connor McDonald Oracle
Buzzword Bingo
Looking for that catchy title for your next presentation ? I took the first word from the title of 1000 Oracle OpenWorld presentations, and ...
15-10-2017 05:24:29 Connor McDonald Oracle
OpenWorld 2017–grab ALL of the content
Some people use the session catalog to grab just the presentations that they either attended, or could not attend. Other people want a downl...
14-10-2017 17:25:03 Connor McDonald Oracle
Oracle Developer Community Appreciation Day
OK, time for some controversy My ODC appreciation post is about Now I'm sure there will people in the community just itch...
10-10-2017 17:25:55 Connor McDonald Oracle
Snapshots from OpenWorld so far
Bridge Run on Saturday Swim in the bay on Monday And the technical content begins !
03-10-2017 18:16:29 Connor McDonald Oracle
My OpenWorld theme song
(With apologies to any Simon & Garfunkel fans out there) Hello jetlag my old friend,You've come to mess with me again.The bedside clock is s...
29-09-2017 16:10:49 Connor McDonald Oracle
The devastating death PC emoji of doom
So there I am. Sitting at Perth airport. My flight from Perth to Sydney, the first leg on my trip to OpenWorld 2017 is delayed. Of course, d...
28-09-2017 02:27:39 Connor McDonald Oracle
AskTOM TV–episode 11
Just a quick note to give the supporting collateral to the latest episode of AskTOM TV. The question I tackled is this one: which was a fun ...
23-09-2017 15:31:57 Connor McDonald Oracle
Woo hoo … more OpenWorld 17 content
You bewdy! I managed to score myself a couple more mini-sessions at OpenWorld. These will be in The Exchange, the re-designed venue for vend...
23-09-2017 08:58:22 Connor McDonald Oracle

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