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DIY parallel task execution
We had a question on AskTOM recently, where a poster wanted to rebuild all of the indexes in his schema that had a status of UNUSABLE. Runni...
22-06-2017 07:38:06 Connor McDonald Oracle
It's just bad code or bad design … most of the time
Some years ago I wrote an article for the UKOUG magazine called "Want a faster database - Take a drive on the M25". For those not familiar w...
19-06-2017 04:04:43 Connor McDonald Oracle
Index compression–quick tip
If you're appropriately licensed and want to use advanced index compression, you can take advantage of the "db_index_compression_inh eritanc...
02-06-2017 08:58:18 Connor McDonald Oracle
OTN Yathra 2017
The amazing 6 city set of events is just around the corner, with all of the dates and details available at Here are my thoughts on why you s...
30-05-2017 15:52:47 Connor McDonald Oracle
Instrumentation … not just for debugging
Yeah I know. You're probably thinking "Here's another blog post from someone telling us how important it is to instrument our code, so we ca...
30-05-2017 09:25:00 Connor McDonald Oracle
The village idiot
If you are not familiar with the term Village Idiot, then Wikipedia provides a sufficient definition from which I can base this blog post. "...
20-05-2017 02:40:23 Connor McDonald Oracle
Quick tip–identity columns
Lets say I've been reading about schema separation, and thus I am going to have a schema which owns all of my objects, which I'll call APP_O...
02-05-2017 07:37:09 Connor McDonald Oracle
Session killin' time
As developers, sometimes we set something running that we wish we hadn't And naturally, we'd like to be good IT citizens and clean up the me...
24-04-2017 06:18:15 Connor McDonald Oracle
Transportable Tablespace–part 2
I did a little demo of sharing a tablespace between two databases a few days back - you can see the details here or by just scrolling down i...
18-04-2017 08:52:05 Connor McDonald Oracle
Sharing a tablespace between 2 databases
I was reading an interesting discussion today about multiple databases each containing large amounts of read-only data. If that read-only da...
14-04-2017 03:07:36 Connor McDonald Oracle

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