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18.2 patch… painless for me
18.2 was released a few days ago, so I thought I'd throw it against my 18c instance and see how things played out. This was just a single in...
19-04-2018 08:50:25 Connor McDonald Oracle
When you screw up … make it positive for your users
Yesterday I was caught up in an interesting SNAFU at my local Supermarket. All of the checkout registers shut down, thus making it impossibl...
17-04-2018 03:11:33 Connor McDonald Oracle
Concurrency … the path to success and the path the failure
Let's face it. Concurrency is a good thing when it comes to database applications. After all, if there is only a single user of your applica...
13-04-2018 09:19:07 Connor McDonald Oracle
Some members of the Oracle community got well and truly into the April Fools Day spirit this year. There were plenty of very earnest looking...
02-04-2018 12:42:39 Connor McDonald Oracle
New day….new month….New AskTOM
It's a big day here at AskTOM HQ !
01-04-2018 10:09:07 Connor McDonald Oracle
Hybrid histograms
Just a quick post here so I could consolidate some information about histograms in 12c. On my last Office Hours session, one of the question...
29-03-2018 08:27:13 Connor McDonald Oracle
Trip down memory lane
I did a little video for St Patricks day, but it also brought back memories of my first computer experiences. A Sinclair ZX80, a Commodore 6...
21-03-2018 14:22:34 Connor McDonald Oracle
Text indexes for numbers
We had an AskTOM question recently about being able to search for numbers within a concatenated list. The particular issue was a list of mob...
14-03-2018 04:48:47 Connor McDonald Oracle
Cool stuff with partition elimination
Sometimes in the IT world, the term "surprise" is not a good one. "I woke up this morning and got a surprise my database was down." "I ran a...
12-03-2018 02:52:21 Connor McDonald Oracle
Just a quick revisit on an old topic so I could link to this post in a Stack Overflow discussion. SQL> create table t ( x int ); Table creat...
28-02-2018 06:31:16 Connor McDonald Oracle

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