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Partial indexing – get the dictionary definitions right
Just a quick post to clear up some confusion that can be seen on the partial indexing capabilities in Oracle Database 12c and above. I was a...
17-09-2018 05:55:47 Connor McDonald Oracle
Connor and Chris at OpenWorld
Chris and I will be at OpenWorld next month, so our session details are below, but you can also click on the links below to add entries to y...
14-09-2018 04:20:11 Connor McDonald Oracle
The full stack developer….is BACK for 2018!
Last year, I flexed my technology muscles by building on the fine ground work of Lucas Jellema in using some Node, some REST, and some JSON ...
11-09-2018 10:44:08 Connor McDonald Oracle
Modifying tables without losing materialized views
Whilst the ever increasing speed of storage and servers, and features likes In-memory are decreasing the need for large numbers of materiali...
10-09-2018 02:57:35 Connor McDonald Oracle
Complex materialized views? Try a table first
Just a quick post today that arose from an AskTOM question a little while back. Over the years and across the evolution of various versions ...
03-09-2018 11:52:08 Connor McDonald Oracle
18c database creation on Windows
Hopefully you've followed my very simple and easy guide to downloading the 18c database software for Windows. But of course, software on its...
27-08-2018 07:07:56 Connor McDonald Oracle
18c Database installation on Windows
If you're a Windows enterprise, or you want to run your 18c database on your Windows laptop/desktop for research and education, then there h...
24-08-2018 06:50:43 Connor McDonald Oracle
Take care with regular expressions
In an Office Hours session a couple of months back, I covered an important change that comes to regular expressions once you upgrade to 12c ...
22-08-2018 08:46:03 Connor McDonald Oracle
Gooey GUIDs
Do a quick Google search and you'll find plenty of blog posts about why GUIDs are superior to integers for a unique identifier, and of cours...
21-08-2018 10:29:23 Connor McDonald Oracle
Let's talk about Techiquette
I'm typing this at about 38,000 feet in the air. I'm travelling home from the Oracle Latin America tour it was a great event, but I'll save ...
17-08-2018 06:38:43 Connor McDonald Oracle

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