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Searching in Oracle Database documentation
Just a quick heads up with something I see from time to time in Chrome (but not in Firefox or any other browser). Occasionally when doing a ...
18-07-2018 05:04:23 Connor McDonald Oracle
Complex materialized views and fast refresh
Just a quick discovery that came across the AskTOM "desk" recently. We have an outstanding bug in some instances of fast refresh materialize...
05-07-2018 12:30:00 Connor McDonald Oracle
Standard Edition–different optimizer but still cool
One cool technique that the optimizer can employ is the BITMAP CONVERSION TO ROWIDS method to take advantage of B-tree indexes in a means th...
03-07-2018 11:36:44 Connor McDonald Oracle
UTL_FILE_DIR and 18c
I wrote a blog post called The Death of UTL_FILE which attracted a comment from a reader: "There is NO chance to stay at UTL_FILE as it is D...
27-06-2018 09:31:08 Connor McDonald Oracle
More triggers are better
Yes, you heard me correctly. If you have got one trigger on a table, then you might be surprised to find that perhaps having a second one wi...
26-06-2018 13:12:33 Connor McDonald Oracle
DDL for constraints – subtle things
The DBMS_METADATA package is very cool. I remember the days of either hand-crafting DDL statements based on queries to the data dictionary, ...
25-06-2018 08:43:06 Connor McDonald Oracle
When WHEN went faster
Yeah try saying that blog post title 10 times in a row as fast as you can But since we're talking about doing things fast, this is just a qu...
20-06-2018 12:23:27 Connor McDonald Oracle
The death of UTL_FILE
In a previous post I covered a technique to improve the performance of UTL_FILE, but concluded the post with a teaser: "you probably don't n...
20-06-2018 05:35:47 Connor McDonald Oracle
Juicing up UTL_FILE
Think about your rubbish bin for a second. Because, clearly this is going to be an oh so obvious metaphor leading into UTL_FILE right? OK, m...
18-06-2018 08:35:18 Connor McDonald Oracle
The simplest things….can be risky
Java and Oracle expert Lukas Eder tweeted yesterday about a potential optimization that could be done when reviewing database SQL code. This...
14-06-2018 04:41:07 Connor McDonald Oracle

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