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iASH–my "infinite ASH" routine
I love Active Session History (ASH) data because a lot of the work I've done in my consulting life was "after the fact" diagnosis. By this I...
12-12-2017 03:58:58 Connor McDonald Oracle
LOBs from afar
This has always been a nuisance. There you are - getting all the bells and whistles with LOBs until a database link enters the room -- -- Da...
22-11-2017 07:18:11 Connor McDonald Oracle
So good … it will scare your socks off
One of the big releases of 2017 is on our doorstep. Watch the trailer here
13-11-2017 14:30:55 Connor McDonald Oracle
Buffer cache hit ratio–blast from the past
I was perusing some old content during a hard drive "spring clean" the other day, and I found an old gem from way back in 2001. A time when ...
07-11-2017 06:40:08 Connor McDonald Oracle
UKOUG is coming
Yes it is just a few more weeks until the UKOUG conference swings by. This has been one of my favourite conferences for years dating back to...
06-11-2017 12:00:29 Connor McDonald Oracle
Parsing freeform data in flat files
SQL loader is a very cool utility that has existed for a long time within Oracle to load flat files into the database. However sometimes peo...
01-11-2017 02:56:30 Connor McDonald Oracle
"Oh…another language is too hard"
We had a request on AskTOM a few days ago asking for an implementation of the XIRR function in PL/SQL. I didn't really know much about what ...
25-10-2017 09:13:32 Connor McDonald Oracle
Why being wrong can be awesome
OK, Now that I've started the post with a nice click-bait heading, let's get down to the business of being wrong. I did a lot of conference ...
20-10-2017 10:56:09 Connor McDonald Oracle
Idle banter
When your car gets a flat tyre, it's always handy to have a spare. We do the same with the database SQL> select 2 x.ksppinm name 3 from 4 sy...
16-10-2017 05:23:30 Connor McDonald Oracle
Buzzword Bingo
Looking for that catchy title for your next presentation ? I took the first word from the title of 1000 Oracle OpenWorld presentations, and ...
15-10-2017 05:24:29 Connor McDonald Oracle

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