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18c–If you can't wait
You've seen the tweet !! but perhaps the accompanying blog post has tempered your enthusiasm You might be thinking: "I'm not on Exadata - ho...
23-02-2018 15:19:03 Connor McDonald Oracle
Execution plans on LiveSQL
To protect the integrity of people's data, and isolate sessions on LiveSQL, we lock down the environment. Clearly if you are doing some test...
20-02-2018 02:37:12 Connor McDonald Oracle
Oracle Database 18c
Yup it's arrived! New name obviously, because we've jumped to our new naming model to align with the calendar year as opposed to version num...
17-02-2018 03:33:44 Connor McDonald Oracle
AskTOM Office Hours for DBA's
We had the first AskTOM Office Hours Q&A for Database Administrators yesterday. Thanks to everyone that showed up, and thanks for the questi...
16-02-2018 03:27:04 Connor McDonald Oracle
Jonathan Lewis just published a blog post about NVL and COALESCE and the optimizer costings for each. There is also perhaps a significant di...
13-02-2018 13:42:37 Connor McDonald Oracle
NULL's vs NOT NULL's and Performance
When it comes to giving the cost based optimiser the best possible chance to make the "right" decisions, many DBA's are diligent in keeping ...
05-02-2018 15:13:16 Connor McDonald Oracle
Getting started…adding an account to use
If you've read my previous post about getting started with the Oracle database, then hopefully you now have your very own database installed...
26-01-2018 17:47:01 Connor McDonald Oracle
Those pesky LONG columns
There was a time, many moons ago when CLOB, BLOB and BFILE did not exist as data types. So if you had anything longer than a few kilobytes o...
25-01-2018 16:42:30 Connor McDonald Oracle
Identity columns in 12c … just a sequence ?
This question came to me over Twitter, so I thought I'd whip out a quick post on it Yes, we do implement the IDENTITY column via a sequence....
24-01-2018 15:50:41 Connor McDonald Oracle
Subtle changes in XML, 11g vs 12c
An AskTOM reader brought this to our attention. It is unlikely to cause you any issues, but perhaps is good to know when it comes times to u...
23-01-2018 17:32:53 Connor McDonald Oracle

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