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From Database 18.3 to 18.5 (on Windows)
Contrary to wild rumours on the internet, it was not a fear of the number 13 that led to a numbering jump from version 12c to version 18c. T...
19-01-2019 08:39:56 Connor McDonald Oracle
Just a short post today on something that came in as a question for the upcoming Office Hours session which I thought could be covered quick...
16-01-2019 10:03:45 Connor McDonald Oracle
My APEX was fine and then it wasn't
I got a nasty shock this morning when I fired up my local Application Expression installation. It had been working fine and all of a sudden ...
11-01-2019 05:34:04 Connor McDonald Oracle
2018-what grabbed your attention
Here are the blog posts that you hit on most this year, with the most viewed entry on top. Unsurprisingly it is about the release of 18c, bu...
07-01-2019 15:55:53 Connor McDonald Oracle
Your New Years Resolution
Aligning roughly with the calendar year, based on the Chinese zodiak we're about to go from the year of the dog to the year of the pig. But ...
31-12-2018 02:15:57 Connor McDonald Oracle
Another day…another "use the right datatype" post
Here's an interesting little oddity (aka bug) with scalar queries. We'll start with a simple working example SQL> create table t1 ( c1 numbe...
29-12-2018 12:28:46 Connor McDonald Oracle
A Christmas Carol
You better watch out,Let me tell you a fact.If your SQL has literals,You're gonna be hacked. SQL Injection is comin' to town We've got a lib...
24-12-2018 15:49:16 Connor McDonald Oracle
Your AskTOM Top 10 for 2018
Here we go folks here are the top 10 most viewed questions in AskTOM this year! We'll count them down from 10 to 1 10) Inserting values into...
21-12-2018 07:52:35 Connor McDonald Oracle
It's all downhill past 30
Yes, it sounds like a lamentation of the aging process, and from my own experience, it is definitely true that the wheels started falling of...
17-12-2018 12:40:10 Connor McDonald Oracle
Automatic sequences not being dropped
One of the nice new things in 12c was the concept of identity columns. In terms of the functionality they provide (an automatic number defau...
03-12-2018 05:07:31 Connor McDonald Oracle

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