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Scripts to Download Oracle Database 18c Documentation
In the past I already shared with you the scripts I use to download the Oracle Database documentation. The aim of this short post is to refe...
27-02-2018 21:08:16 Christian Antognini Oracle
CDB Views and Query Optimizer Cardinality Estimations
Today I faced a performance problem caused by a bad cardinality estimation involving a CDB view in a multitenant environment. While...
18-01-2018 18:41:21 Christian Antognini Oracle
How Well a Query Optimizer Handles Subqueries?
At the beginning of December, at the UKOUG Tech17 conference in Birmingham (GB), I presented a comparison of the query optimizers of MySQL 8...
01-01-2018 00:06:24 Christian Antognini Oracle
Purging Unused Triples Is a Never-ending Operation
This is a short post to point out a problem I recently discovered and for which I couldn't find information online. Hence, in case you hit i...
18-12-2017 16:08:16 Christian Antognini Oracle
You can use the V$SQL.IS_RESOLVED_ADAPTIV E_PLAN column to know whether the execution plan associated to a child cursor is adaptive or not. ...
11-12-2017 14:35:35 Christian Antognini Oracle
SPD State Does Not Change If Adaptive Statistics Are Disabled
The aim of this post is to point out an issue (bug?) that I recently discovered. But, before talking about it, I need to go through a rather...
28-11-2017 16:18:52 Christian Antognini Oracle
The APPROX_MEDIAN Function - A Test Case
The aim of this post is not to explain how the APPROX_MEDIAN function works (you find basic information in the documentation) but to show yo...
30-10-2017 08:14:52 Christian Antognini Oracle
Activating and Deactivating Performance Feedback
Performance feedback is one of the adaptive query optimizer features introduced in Oracle Database 12c. The aim of this short post isn't to ...
26-09-2017 18:47:48 Christian Antognini Oracle
Offline Analysis of ASH Data with ASHDUMP
From time to time, it happens to me to carry out offline analyses of ASH data. For that, I mean to analyze the ASH data without having acces...
06-07-2017 14:17:17 Christian Antognini Oracle
Announcing Trivadis Performance Days 2017
It is a great pleasure to announce the next Performance Days! This year the event will take place the 13-14 September in Zurich. Given that ...
24-03-2017 13:01:19 Christian Antognini Oracle

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