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Observations About the Scalability of Data Loads in ADWC
In the last days, I am running a number of tests based on the TPC-DS benchmark against Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud service (ADW...
26-07-2018 21:41:16 Christian Antognini Oracle
Which Privileges Are Required to Use the ADWC Service Console?
The Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) service provides a Service Console that can be used to monitor the service activity and to carry ...
17-07-2018 15:12:13 Christian Antognini Oracle
DBMS_CLOUD Package – A Reference Guide
The Appendix A of the Using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud guide describes the DBMS_CLOUD package. Unfortunately, it documents only ...
12-07-2018 14:24:30 Christian Antognini Oracle
Partition-Wise Operations - New Features in 12c and 18c
Partition-wise operations are not something new. I do not remember when they were introduced, but at that time the release number was still ...
17-05-2018 20:13:56 Christian Antognini Oracle
If you run TKPROF without arguments, you get a complete list of its arguments with a short description for each of them (here the output gen...
21-03-2018 15:39:32 Christian Antognini Oracle
Scripts to Download Oracle Database 18c Documentation
In the past I already shared with you the scripts I use to download the Oracle Database documentation. The aim of this short post is to refe...
27-02-2018 21:08:16 Christian Antognini Oracle
CDB Views and Query Optimizer Cardinality Estimations
Today I faced a performance problem caused by a bad cardinality estimation involving a CDB view in a multitenant environment. While...
18-01-2018 18:41:21 Christian Antognini Oracle
How Well a Query Optimizer Handles Subqueries?
At the beginning of December, at the UKOUG Tech17 conference in Birmingham (GB), I presented a comparison of the query optimizers of MySQL 8...
01-01-2018 00:06:24 Christian Antognini Oracle
Purging Unused Triples Is a Never-ending Operation
This is a short post to point out a problem I recently discovered and for which I couldn't find information online. Hence, in case you hit i...
18-12-2017 16:08:16 Christian Antognini Oracle
You can use the V$SQL.IS_RESOLVED_ADAPTIV E_PLAN column to know whether the execution plan associated to a child cursor is adaptive or not. ...
11-12-2017 14:35:35 Christian Antognini Oracle

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