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Script to identify index rebuild candidates on 12c
Some time back I blogged about an easy way to estimate the size of an index. It turns out there is an API that also uses the plan_table unde...
12-07-2017 20:38:24 Carlos Sierra Oracle
One Maintenance Window for all PDBs… Really?
Using the default Maintenance Window for automatic tasks such as statistics gathering and space advisor is just fine except when the number ...
06-07-2017 03:40:06 Carlos Sierra Oracle
How to execute some SQL in all Pluggable Databases (PDBs)
If you are on 12c (and you should) and your database is truly multitenant, you may be in need to execute some SQL in all PDBs. OEM is awesom...
04-07-2017 01:41:57 Carlos Sierra Oracle
eAdam 3.0
Source: eAdam 3.0
17-04-2017 04:47:54 Carlos Sierra Oracle
eDB360 meets eAdam 3.0 – when two heads are better than one!
Version v1711 of eDB360 invites eAdam 3.0 to the party. What does it mean? We recently learned that eDB360 v1706 introduced the eDB360 repos...
10-04-2017 23:42:20 Carlos Sierra Oracle
"ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype" on a CTAS querying a view with a LONG column
Working on the new eDB360 repository I came across this "ORA-00997: illegal use of LONG datatype" while trying to CTAS on the following DBA ...
03-04-2017 22:04:27 Carlos Sierra Oracle
eDB360 new features (March 2017)
As many of you know, eDB360 is a free tool that provides a 360-degree view of an Oracle database without any installation. A new version is ...
26-03-2017 04:23:25 Carlos Sierra Oracle
eDB360 includes now an optional staging repository
eDB360 has always worked under the premise "no installation required", and still is the case today it is part of its fundamental essence: gi...
20-02-2017 02:58:29 Carlos Sierra Oracle
eDB360 takes long to execute!
eDB360 provides a lot of insight about an Oracle database. It executes thousands of SQL statements querying GV$ and DBA views from the Oracl...
24-11-2016 00:43:49 Carlos Sierra Oracle
Smart Scans efficiency chart for Oracle Engineered Systems
If you manage an Oracle Engineered System you may wonder how well your Smart Scans are performing. Are you taking full advantage of Exadata ...
08-11-2016 17:25:08 Carlos Sierra Oracle

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