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The Decline of Hstore
Hstore was added to Postgres in 8.2 (2006). I didn't appreciate the purpose of hstore when it was first introduced. I knew it was a per-fiel...
11-07-2017 15:47:50 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Postgres Party
In conjunction with PGConf Local: Philly, I will be hosting a Postgres Party at my home near Philadelphia this Friday, July 14. You don't ha...
10-07-2017 18:35:57 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Playing With IPv6
Now that everyone is using IPv6 () it might be time to start playing with it. Postgres has had full IPv6 support for years, so Postgres is a...
05-07-2017 17:10:27 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Odd Month Arithmetic
You might be aware of the interval data type, which allows mathematical operations on date, time, and timestamp values. This can lead to odd...
21-06-2017 19:31:08 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
If you often use the TIMESTAMP data type, you might not be making full use of it. In these queries: CREATE TABLE tztest (x TIMESTAMP); INSER...
19-06-2017 17:27:54 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
PL/Java Adoption
PL/Java has been around since 2005, but it has regularly struggled to gain users. Unfortunately, a lot of these problems are specific to the...
16-06-2017 17:43:44 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
When To Use Server-Side Logic
The use of server-side logic, particularly stored procedures, has been a highly contentious topic among database professionals for decades. ...
14-06-2017 16:31:05 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Which NoSQL Database For New Project?
Oh, how I love the title of this 2014 Slashdot request, "Which NoSQL Database For New Project?" The user already knows the type of clients (...
12-06-2017 15:15:15 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
You Don't Need Every Feature Database X Had
In a February blog post I talked about the mismatch between what people expect from Postgres in terms of hints, and what exists. In this blo...
09-06-2017 19:28:07 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Raw Device Optimization
Historically, most relational database systems supported raw devices, i.e., the ability to write data directly to the storage subsystem to a...
07-06-2017 16:01:25 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL

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