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Postgres vs PostgreSQL
I have been with the project long enough to remember how the project got the name "PostgreSQL". In 1996, we inherited the name "Postgres95" ...
24-11-2017 17:50:15 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Huge Pages
Postgres 9.4 added the server variable huge_pages. The Postgres documentation does a good job explaining huge pages, "The use of huge pages ...
22-11-2017 16:28:00 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Getting Object Creation Time
The Postgres community is often asked to provide automatic tracking of the creation and last modification times for objects, e.g. tables, fu...
21-11-2017 16:42:13 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Interview in China
I previously mentioned my visit to Hangzhou, China. A video interview from that trip is now available, as well as my presentation in English...
13-11-2017 22:24:19 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Data in the Database vs the File System
An age-old question is whether it is better to put data in a database or a file system. Of course, the answer is "it depends," but let's loo...
06-11-2017 15:55:29 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Why Attend Conferences?
I have attended 323 Postgres events in my career. While I have enjoyed almost all of them, many had different focuses, so I thought I would ...
04-11-2017 02:45:01 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Blocking DDL
Postgres is advertised as "reading never blocks writing and writing never blocks reading." While this is true for SELECTs and DML (INSERT, U...
01-11-2017 16:05:27 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Speaking in China
I had the pleasure of speaking at Alibaba's Computing Conference last week in Hangzhou, China. I gave two presentations. The first covered P...
18-10-2017 04:02:49 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Using Xmin in Queries
You might be aware that Postgres uses invisible columns to track concurrent row access and modifications. My MVCC talk covers much of this. ...
04-10-2017 16:51:32 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
During research for my Postgres Window Magic talk, I studied the unusual behavior of PERCENT_RANK and CUMM_DIST (cumulative distribution). T...
02-10-2017 18:23:15 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL

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