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Identifier Case Sensitivity
I last blogged about Postgres's handling of case sensitivity in 2012. A recent email thread requested that case sensitivity be configurable ...
20-09-2017 18:50:09 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Vectorize Surprise
The Postgres hackers list is a steady-stream of great ideas and discussion, but occasionally something comes along that really makes you sit...
18-09-2017 17:51:53 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Index Everything
When setting up a database schema, indexing is always a consideration. While Postgres supports traditional btree indexes for most data types...
16-09-2017 03:56:36 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Future Optimizer Enhancements
The Postgres optimizer has improved dramatically over the years. However, there are still a few areas where it can be improved. First, it wo...
13-09-2017 16:41:14 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Partitioning in Postgres 10 and Beyond
Postgres 10 is adding partitioning syntax to Postgres. This ends the previous Frankenstein-style partitioning setup of having to configure c...
11-09-2017 19:42:15 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
A Hierarchical Read Scaling Architecture
Postgres has a well-deserved reputation for flexibility. You can often combine two features to get something very powerful. For example, it ...
04-09-2017 21:29:55 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Materialized Views and Foreign Data Wrappers
You might know that Postgres supports materialized views and foreign data wrappers (FDW). Briefly, materialized views allow for queries to b...
01-09-2017 21:04:40 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
A New Pgindent
I blogged about pgindent in 2011. After much discussion, an improved BSD indent binary has been created by Piotr Stefaniak and Tom Lane to f...
30-08-2017 17:06:26 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Like many open-source projects, Postgres is written in the C programming language. However, with the code base being 31 years old, a lot of ...
28-08-2017 16:21:37 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Tuning Autovacuum
Autovacuum simplifies Postgres administration by automating the cleanup of updated(expired) and deleted rows and rows created by aborted tra...
25-08-2017 17:03:13 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL

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