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Windows and Shared Buffers
Perhaps one overlooked change in Postgres 10 was the removal of the recommendation of smaller shared_buffers on Windows. This email thread d...
17-12-2018 19:19:29 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
This email thread discusses the tradeoffs of adding optimization improvements that affect only a small percentage of queries, i.e., micro-op...
14-12-2018 16:18:34 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Optimizer Hints
You might know that Postgres has optimizer hints listed as a feature we do not want to implement. I have covered this topic in the past. Thi...
12-12-2018 17:08:56 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Allocating Work_mem
I have already discussed the complexities of allocating shared_buffers, work_mem, and the remainder as kernel cache. However, even if these ...
10-12-2018 17:51:26 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
The Memory Resource Triad
There are three resources that affect query performance: CPU, memory, and storage. Allocating CPU and storage for optimal query performance ...
07-12-2018 16:45:22 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
The Meaning of WAL
The write-ahead log (WAL) is very important for Postgres reliability. However, how it works is often unclear. The "write-ahead" part of the ...
05-12-2018 17:08:06 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Views vs. Materialized Views
Views and materialized views are closely related. Views effectively run the view query on every access, while materialized views store the q...
03-12-2018 17:14:45 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Extensibility was built into Postgres from its creation. In the early years, extensibility was often overlooked and made Postgres server pro...
30-11-2018 23:04:43 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Data Storage Options
Since I have spent three decades working with relational databases, you might think I believe all storage requires relational storage. Howev...
28-11-2018 17:17:26 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
First Wins, Last Wins, Huh?
Someone recently pointed out an odd behavior in Postgres's configuration files. Specifically, they mentioned that the last setting for a var...
26-11-2018 15:37:10 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL

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