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Intermediate Certificates
I previously mentioned the importance of high quality documentation, so we are always looking for improvements. This email thread from 2013 ...
23-01-2018 17:28:49 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Four New Security Talks
In the past few months I have completed four new security talks, totaling 294 slides. The first and third talks explain the fundamentals of ...
15-01-2018 21:27:11 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Video of Russian Interview
I just did a two-hour interview in English with the Russian Postgres user group. A video recording of the interview is online and covers que...
10-01-2018 20:54:45 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Web Forums?
This email thread explores the idea of the community supporting web forums instead of or in addition to the email lists, where the majority ...
05-01-2018 18:07:19 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
WAL and Xlog
Postgres isn't the best at naming things. Of course, there is the old computer saying, "There are only two hard things in Computer Science: ...
03-01-2018 19:58:20 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Sharding Update from Asia
It has been a year since my last blog post about sharding. There are many sharding improvements in Postgres 10, and this PGConf.Asia talk fr...
12-12-2017 16:07:27 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Postgres vs PostgreSQL
I have been with the project long enough to remember how the project got the name "PostgreSQL". In 1996, we inherited the name "Postgres95" ...
24-11-2017 17:50:15 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Huge Pages
Postgres 9.4 added the server variable huge_pages. The Postgres documentation does a good job explaining huge pages, "The use of huge pages ...
22-11-2017 16:28:00 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Getting Object Creation Time
The Postgres community is often asked to provide automatic tracking of the creation and last modification times for objects, e.g. tables, fu...
21-11-2017 16:42:13 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Interview in China
I previously mentioned my visit to Hangzhou, China. A video interview from that trip is now available, as well as my presentation in English...
13-11-2017 22:24:19 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL

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