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What Would You Put in SQL Server 2018?
If you were leading Microsoft's development programs, what would you add or change in SQL Server 2018? Forget licensing or pricing changes t...
20-09-2017 16:08:59 Brent Ozar SQL Server
The Ghosts of Temp Tables Past
True story You may find it hard to believe, but I recently had to fix a small bug in sp_BlitzCache and sp_BlitzQueryStore. Since both stored...
19-09-2017 16:16:11 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Kickstarter-Style Ideas for our PASS Summit Pre-Con
Boy, have I got a weird challenge for you, dear reader. When Erik & I started building Expert Performance Tuning for SQL Server 2016 & 2017,...
18-09-2017 16:35:05 Brent Ozar SQL Server
How Much Can One Row Change A Query Plan? Part 2
Earlier this week, I showed you two nearly identical queries and their estimated plans: They look pretty darned identical so how much worse ...
15-09-2017 16:03:05 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Optional Parameters and Missing Index Requests
That's when it all gets blown away At one point or another in everyone's SQL-querying career, they end up writing a query that goes somethin...
14-09-2017 16:27:53 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Indexing for Windowing Functions: WHERE vs. OVER
Life Is Messy Demo queries have this nasty habit of being clean. Even using a pit of despair like Adventure Works or World Wide Importers, i...
13-09-2017 15:21:11 Brent Ozar SQL Server
How Much Can One Row Change A Query Plan? Part 1
Last week, Erik showed two queries that were aaaaalmost identical, with only one extra column and the execution plans were dramatically diff...
12-09-2017 15:31:25 Brent Ozar SQL Server
How Much Can One Column Change A Query Plan? Part 2
What happened in Part 1? Join Elimination, naturally. Until the end. My copy of the Stack Overflow database doesn't have a single foreign ke...
08-09-2017 15:27:49 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Creating Basic Indexes on the Stack Overflow Public Database
My public SQL Server database copy of the Stack Overflow data dump only includes clustered indexes by default. I want to keep your database ...
07-09-2017 15:45:59 Brent Ozar SQL Server
SQL Server on Linux is the New SQL Server on Windows Core
When Windows Server 2012 came out with Core, I heard some rather suspicious things at conferences like: "I'll be able to take way less patch...
06-09-2017 16:03:22 Brent Ozar SQL Server

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