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18c is now available (but only on the Cloud)
On Friday afternoon (16th February) we started to see tweets and blog posts from people in Oracle saying that Oracle 18c was now available. ...
18-02-2018 12:51:19 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Oracle and Python setup with cx_Oracle
Is Python the new R? Maybe, maybe not, but that I'm finding in recent months is more companies are asking me to use Python instead of R for ...
13-02-2018 13:40:54 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Relation Theory videos by CJ Date
Here is a series of videos by CJ Date on Relational Theory. Introduction video An Introduction to set theory (videos on O'Reilly website) Nu...
04-01-2018 12:28:19 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Oracle Code Online December 2017
This week Oracle Code will be having an online event consisting of 5 tracks and with 3 presentations on each track. This online Oracle Code ...
11-12-2017 13:13:04 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Make SQL Great Again baseball cap
Make SQL great again baseball cap Let me know if you would like to order one. They cost 15 + P&P
22-11-2017 13:51:49 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Irish people presenting at OOW
Here is a list of presentations at Oracle Open World and JavaOne in 2017, that will be given by people and partners based in Ireland. (I'll ...
29-09-2017 16:06:57 Brendan Tierney Oracle
My Oracle Open World 2017 Presentations
Oracle Open World 2017 will be happening very soon (1st-5th October). Still lots to do before I can get on that plane to San Francisco. This...
19-09-2017 18:52:12 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Interview at POUG
05-09-2017 13:41:50 Brendan Tierney Oracle
How to speed up your Oracle Data Mining with in-memory and parallel
Have you have found running a workflow in Oracle Data Miner slow or running the scripts in the database slow ? No. Good, because I haven't f...
28-08-2017 17:41:44 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Scheduling ODMr Workflows in SQL Developer 4.2+
A new feature for Oracle Data Mining (ODM) (part of SQL Developer 4.2) is the ability to schedule an ODM workflow to run a defined time or f...
21-08-2017 16:30:19 Brendan Tierney Oracle

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