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My 4th Book is now available - Data Science (The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series)
I almost forgot, but my 4th book has been published ! It is titled 'Data Science' and is published by MIT Press as part of their Essentials ...
16-04-2018 13:31:21 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Predicting IBS in Dogs using Oracle 18c in the Cloud
Over the past 6-8 months I've been working on a project with the Veterinary School of Medicine, part of University of Dublin. The project wa...
01-04-2018 10:04:43 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Oracle Machine Learning notebooks
With the recent release of Oracle's Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC), Oracle has given data scientists a new tool for data discovery a...
29-03-2018 12:24:19 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Oracle Code Presentation March 2018
Last week I was presenting at Oracle Code in New York. I've presented at a few Oracle Code events over the past 12 months and it is always i...
12-03-2018 14:56:54 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Oracle 18c New Oracle Advanced Analytics (Machine Learning) features
With each release of the Oracle Database we get new Machine Learning features, under the umbrella term of Oracle Advanced Analytics option (...
07-03-2018 14:30:54 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Python and Oracle : Fetching records and setting buffer size
If you used other languages, including Oracle PL/SQL, more than likely you will have experienced having to play buffering the number of reco...
05-03-2018 18:02:38 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Oracle 18c DBaaS Cloud Setup
The 18c Oracle DBaaS is now available. This is the only place that Oracle 18c will be available until later in 2018. So if you want to try i...
02-03-2018 14:23:18 Brendan Tierney Oracle
18c is now available (but only on the Cloud)
On Friday afternoon (16th February) we started to see tweets and blog posts from people in Oracle saying that Oracle 18c was now available. ...
18-02-2018 12:51:19 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Oracle and Python setup with cx_Oracle
Is Python the new R? Maybe, maybe not, but that I'm finding in recent months is more companies are asking me to use Python instead of R for ...
13-02-2018 13:40:54 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Relation Theory videos by CJ Date
Here is a series of videos by CJ Date on Relational Theory. Introduction video An Introduction to set theory (videos on O'Reilly website) Nu...
04-01-2018 12:28:19 Brendan Tierney Oracle

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