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How the EU GDPR will affect the use of Machine Learning - Part 1
On 5 December 2015, the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission reached agreement on the new data protection rules, establishing...
27-06-2017 16:17:04 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Installing Scala and Apache Spark on a Mac
The following outlines the steps I've followed to get get Scala and Apache Spark installed on my Mac. This allows me to play with Apache Spa...
22-06-2017 22:24:21 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Slides from the Ireland OUG Meetup May 2017
Here are some of the slides from our meetup on 11th May 2017. Ireland OUG Meetup May 2017 from Brendan Tierney The remaining slides will be ...
23-05-2017 10:51:39 Brendan Tierney Oracle
OUG Ireland Meetup 11th May
The next OUG Ireland Meetup is happening on 11th May, in the Bank of Ireland Grand Canal Dock. This is a free event and is open to every one...
27-04-2017 15:24:43 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Setting up Oracle Database on Docker
A couple of days ago it was announced that several Oracle images were available on the Docker Store. This is by far the easiest Oracle Datab...
21-04-2017 12:42:04 Brendan Tierney Oracle
ODM Model View Details Views in Oracle 12.2
A new feature for Oracle Data Mining in Oracle 12.2 is the new Model Details views. In Oracle and up to Oracle 12.1 you needed to u...
18-04-2017 18:01:57 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Managing memory allocation for Oracle R Enterprise Embedded Execution
When working with Oracle R Enterprise and particularly when you are using the ORE functions that can spawn multiple R processes, on the DB S...
03-04-2017 20:44:48 Brendan Tierney Oracle
OUG Ireland 2017 Presentation
Here are the slides from my presentation at OUG Ireland 2017. All about running R using SQL. Embedded R Execution using SQL from Brendan Tie...
29-03-2017 19:28:05 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Presentations from OUGN17
Here are the presentations I gave at OUG Norway last week. These are also available on SlideShare SQL: The one language to rule all your dat...
14-03-2017 00:39:10 Brendan Tierney Oracle
Blog posts on Oracle Advanced Analytics features in 12.2
A couple of days ago Oracle finally provided us with an on-premises download for Oracle 12.2 Database. Go and download load it from here or ...
03-03-2017 13:12:56 Brendan Tierney Oracle

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