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Long running queries and my DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT scripts
On December 2nd we ran into a problem with one of my scripts that uses the DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT view. It did not show the full run time of a SQL...
17-12-2018 21:59:49 Bobby Durrett Oracle
To Blog, or Not to Blog?
As 2018 is ending I am thinking about what I spend my time on. Do I have my priorities correct? I know that I should spend some part of my t...
13-12-2018 01:11:07 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Parallel_degree_policy AUTO caused serial plan in qat
Recently during testing a merge statement was running forever in our qat environment after a simple change. We had simply added a few column...
29-11-2018 21:25:32 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Hear my Python for the Oracle DBA talk in Scottsdale on November 16th
I am going to giving a talk about why Python is a good programming language for Oracle DBAs in Scottsdale on November 16th for the Arizona O...
23-10-2018 00:52:36 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Copy Oracle performance reports to SharePoint using Python
I have a couple of Oracle performance reports that I upload from my work Windows 7 laptop to our corporate SharePoint site on Office 365 on ...
28-07-2018 02:25:16 Bobby Durrett Oracle
MySQL client slow to display the first row of a large result set
A coworker of mine asked me to look at a MySQL query that was running longer than we want it too. If they added a LIMIT 1000 clause at the e...
01-06-2018 23:41:35 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Python script to backup remote directory using sftp
This is the sftp version of the ftp script I published in an earlier post. It logs into a remote host using sftp and backs up a remote direc...
30-05-2018 19:46:53 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Database links and SCNs on June 23, 2019
A few days or weeks ago I saw a Twitter post about database links failing on Oracle databases next year. So, I have researched this issue. M...
17-05-2018 01:38:18 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Larger SCN numbers July 1, 2019 on
I'm trying to research a couple of notes about database links failing in June of 2019. Evidently somewhere around that time the SCN numbers ...
11-05-2018 23:18:55 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Post Collaborate and on call week post
So, I was at the Collaborate 2018 Oracle user group conference last week and I am on call this week. I have not posted anything about the co...
02-05-2018 20:12:43 Bobby Durrett Oracle

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