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Follow up from RMOUG Training Days talks
I have uploaded a zip of my two RMOUG Training Days talks here: zip During the Toastmasters talk there was a question about finding a club i...
23-02-2018 23:14:32 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Early morning RMOUG post
Well, it is early Wednesday morning here at the Westin hotel in Denver where the RMOUG Training Days conference is being held. I can't sleep...
21-02-2018 14:59:57 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Should I use SQL or Python?
We had an outage on an important application last Thursday. A particular SQL statement locked up our database with library cache: mutex X wa...
18-01-2018 21:20:14 Bobby Durrett Oracle
RMOUG Training Days 2018 early registration deadline rapidly approaching
The deadline for early registration for RMOUG Training Days 2018 is rapidly approaching. The deadline is January 12. The early registration ...
05-01-2018 18:08:49 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Both talks accepted for Collaborate 18
IOUG accepted both my Toastmasters and Python talks for Collaborate 18. RMOUG also accepted them both so I will be doing these two talks in ...
13-12-2017 18:50:27 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Arizona Oracle User Group meeting Thursday
The Arizona Oracle User Group (AZORA) is meeting this Thursday, November 16th, 2017 from 12:30 to 3:30 pm Arizona time. Here is the link to ...
14-11-2017 20:59:06 Bobby Durrett Oracle
SQL Profile to fix slow inserts
I was on call Sunday and got paged about a job that normally runs for 10 to 15 minutes but had run for 5 hours already. I used the coe_xfr_s...
06-11-2017 22:34:17 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Two Talks Accepted for RMOUG Training Days
I got two talks accepted for RMOUG Training Days in February. I mentioned these two titles in a earlier post: Python for the Oracle DBA Toas...
02-11-2017 20:04:59 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Submitted two talks to Collaborate 18
I submitted my two talks to Collaborate 18 through IOUG. These are the same two that I submitted to RMOUG Training Days. Hopefully one of th...
21-10-2017 04:14:10 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Python sortedcontainers has me thinking
I was looking at the Python sortedcontainers package and it got me thinking. It is a long convoluted story and I am not sure that I can expl...
20-10-2017 00:12:45 Bobby Durrett Oracle

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