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Result cache latch contention
I recently saw a dramatic example of result cache latch contention. I had just upgraded a database to and several hours later proce...
08-08-2017 19:33:00 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Two configuration changes with upgrade
A couple of weeks ago I upgraded a major production database from to Our developers kept hitting one ugly bug after anoth...
08-08-2017 01:06:03 Bobby Durrett Oracle
September AZORA meeting
The September AZORA meeting has a great lineup of speakers. AZORA is the Arizona Oracle User Group. Republic Services is providing us with a...
02-08-2017 17:49:48 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Updated PythonDBAGraphs to work from IDLE
I switched from Enthought Canopy to IDLE for Python development when I got my new corporate laptop a few weeks back. Yesterday I realized th...
22-07-2017 02:33:54 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Read Oracle Database 12.2 New Features Manual
I just finished reading the Oracle database 12c new features manual. I have postponed looking at 12.2 until now because for a long time 12.2...
30-06-2017 00:03:07 Bobby Durrett Oracle
SQR with 077 umask creates file with 611 permissions
I ran across this strange situation. An SQR opened a new data file for output and created the file with 611 permissions. We needed group rea...
23-06-2017 18:33:37 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Unrolling loop speeds up program
This is a follow-up to my earlier post about the assembly language book that I am working through. I have struggled to speed up a program us...
22-06-2017 23:45:27 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Modified PythonDBAGraphs to use datetime on X axis
I modified PythonDBAGraphs to use datetime objects on the X axis for all the reports except This lets you hover the mouse over a ...
17-06-2017 02:51:55 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Pushed out new version of PythonDBAGraphs
I pushed out a new version of PythonDBAGraphs. I got a new laptop at work so I am setting it up with the software that I need to do my job. ...
03-06-2017 00:27:44 Bobby Durrett Oracle
X86-64 Assembly Book
I have written earlier blog posts about my diversion from studying Oracle to studying computer science. Here are some relevant posts: url1,u...
24-05-2017 23:41:50 Bobby Durrett Oracle

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