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One query in MySQL Performance Schema
I am learning about MySQL performance tuning. I read the Performance Schema chapter of the MySQL 5.7 manual and I have a MySQL 5.7.20 databa...
13-02-2019 00:55:08 Bobby Durrett Oracle
SQL Profile not used on slightly different query
Last week I was asked to help with a performance problem that looked a lot like a problem I fixed in July with a SQL Profile. The query whos...
31-01-2019 22:48:09 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Slides From January 2019 AZORA Meeting
Here are slides from the January 2019 AZORA Meeting with Charles Kim and Viscosity: Oracle Database 12.2 New Features Oracle Database 18c Ne...
30-01-2019 18:30:42 Bobby Durrett Oracle
MIT's Free Algorithms Track
MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has published a free set of three undergraduate level Algorithms classes that I recommend to...
24-01-2019 01:55:36 Bobby Durrett Oracle
January 25th AZORA Meetup with Viscosity
If you are in the Phoenix, Arizona area on Friday, January 25th please come to the AZORA meetup with talks by Viscosity. Please RSVP on the ...
10-01-2019 01:29:19 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Long running queries and my DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT scripts
On December 2nd we ran into a problem with one of my scripts that uses the DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT view. It did not show the full run time of a SQL...
17-12-2018 21:59:49 Bobby Durrett Oracle
To Blog, or Not to Blog?
As 2018 is ending I am thinking about what I spend my time on. Do I have my priorities correct? I know that I should spend some part of my t...
13-12-2018 01:11:07 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Parallel_degree_policy AUTO caused serial plan in qat
Recently during testing a merge statement was running forever in our qat environment after a simple change. We had simply added a few column...
29-11-2018 21:25:32 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Hear my Python for the Oracle DBA talk in Scottsdale on November 16th
I am going to giving a talk about why Python is a good programming language for Oracle DBAs in Scottsdale on November 16th for the Arizona O...
23-10-2018 00:52:36 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Copy Oracle performance reports to SharePoint using Python
I have a couple of Oracle performance reports that I upload from my work Windows 7 laptop to our corporate SharePoint site on Office 365 on ...
28-07-2018 02:25:16 Bobby Durrett Oracle

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