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Submitted two abstracts to RMOUG Training Days 2018
I finally broke down and submitted my two talks to the RMOUG Training Days 2018. I'm not sure how likely I am to get my talks accepted but I...
07-10-2017 02:00:17 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Duplicate blog to laptop VM
I started to write this blog post and then realized that in the process of making a copy of my blog on my laptop I whacked my connection to ...
23-09-2017 02:14:42 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Quick Python script to backup remote directory using ftp
I looked around for some other ways to do this but decided to just code this up in Python. It connects to a remote Linux server using ftp an...
21-09-2017 02:50:28 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Added save and restore data function to PythonDBAGraphs
I pushed out a quick change to PythonDBAGraphs to automatically save the data for any graph that you make so that you can redraw the graph l...
19-09-2017 01:44:57 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Python for the Oracle DBA - Connects to everything
In my introduction to my Python for the Oracle DBA topic I said that Python can connect to everything that an Oracle DBA needs. I want to us...
13-09-2017 23:17:23 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Python for the Oracle DBA – Easy to use
In my earlier post I said that Python is easy to use. I want to fill in some details in this post. I have two main points: Python is not eas...
13-09-2017 00:42:52 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Python for the Oracle DBA – Outline/Intro
I want to put together a talk about how useful the Python programming language is for an Oracle database administrator or DBA. I thought tha...
09-09-2017 01:56:56 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Fix index corruption found using analyze table validate structure
We have struggled with a corrupted database and have gone through too many issues and challenges to document in a blog post. But, I thought ...
24-08-2017 01:18:41 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Result cache latch contention
I recently saw a dramatic example of result cache latch contention. I had just upgraded a database to and several hours later proce...
08-08-2017 19:33:00 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Two configuration changes with upgrade
A couple of weeks ago I upgraded a major production database from to Our developers kept hitting one ugly bug after anoth...
08-08-2017 01:06:03 Bobby Durrett Oracle

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