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What are all the functions and their parameters?
What are all the functions and their parameters?File this one under: I wrote it once, may I never need it again In my ever expanding quest f...
26-01-2018 00:36:27 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Staging Metadata Framework for the Unknown
Staging metadata framework for the unknownThat's a terrible title but it's the best I got. A client would like to report out of ServiceNow s...
23-01-2018 05:32:19 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Python Azure Function requestor's IP address
Python Azure Function requestor's IP address I'm working on an anonymous level Azure Function in python and couldn't find where they stored ...
29-12-2017 21:17:15 Bill Fellows SQL Server
What's my transaction isolation level
What's my transaction isolation levelThat's an easy question to answer - StackOverflow has a fine answer. But, what if I use sp_executesql t...
10-11-2017 00:03:13 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Temporal table maker
Temporal table makerThis post is another in the continuing theme of "making things consistent." We were voluntold to help another team get t...
12-10-2017 15:54:42 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Broken View Finder
Broken View FinderShh, shhhhhh, we're being very very quiet, we're hunting broken views. Recently, we were asked to migrate some code change...
05-10-2017 15:42:41 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Biml Query Table Builder
Biml Query Table BuilderWe previously noted the awesomeness that is SQL Server 2012+'s ability to expose a query's metadata. Let's look how ...
05-09-2017 15:00:24 Bill Fellows SQL Server
SQL Server Query Metadata
SQL Server Query MetadataPop quiz, how you determine the metadata of a query in SQL Server? For a table, you can query the sys.schemas/sys.t...
30-08-2017 07:52:12 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Python pyinstaller erroring with takes 4 positional arguments but 5 were given
Pyinstaller is a program for turning python files into executable programs. This is helpful as it removes the requirement for having the pyt...
28-08-2017 17:40:08 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Biml build Database collection nodes
Biml build Database collection nodes aka what good are AnnotationsIn many of the walkthroughs on creating relational objects via Biml, it se...
15-08-2017 16:06:53 Bill Fellows SQL Server

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