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Sort SQL Server tables into similarly sized buckets
Sort SQL Server Tables into similarly sized bucketsYou need to do something to all of the tables in SQL Server. That something can be anythi...
05-04-2018 15:14:42 Bill Fellows SQL Server
2018 MVP Summit retrospective
2018 MVP Summit retrospective Another year of the MVP Summit is in the bag and as always, I have months worth of learning I'm excited to do....
12-03-2018 14:54:49 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Python pandas repeating character tester
Python pandas repeating character testerAt one of our clients, we are data profiling. They have a mainframe, it's been running for so long, ...
02-03-2018 15:38:49 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Pop Quiz - REPLACE in SQL Server
It's amazing the things I've run into with SQL Server this week that I never noticed. In today's pop quiz, let's look at REPLACE DECLARE @Re...
23-02-2018 15:13:13 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Altering table types, part 2
Altering table types - a compatibility guide In yesterday's post, I altered a table type. Pray I don't alter them further. What else is inco...
22-02-2018 16:16:09 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Pop quiz - altering column types
Pop quizGiven the following DDL CREATE TABLE dbo.IntToTime ( CREATE_TIME int ); What will be the result of issuing the following command? AL...
21-02-2018 18:57:24 Bill Fellows SQL Server
What are all the functions and their parameters?
What are all the functions and their parameters?File this one under: I wrote it once, may I never need it again In my ever expanding quest f...
26-01-2018 00:36:27 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Staging Metadata Framework for the Unknown
Staging metadata framework for the unknownThat's a terrible title but it's the best I got. A client would like to report out of ServiceNow s...
23-01-2018 05:32:19 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Python Azure Function requestor's IP address
Python Azure Function requestor's IP address I'm working on an anonymous level Azure Function in python and couldn't find where they stored ...
29-12-2017 21:17:15 Bill Fellows SQL Server
What's my transaction isolation level
What's my transaction isolation levelThat's an easy question to answer - StackOverflow has a fine answer. But, what if I use sp_executesql t...
10-11-2017 00:03:13 Bill Fellows SQL Server

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