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Variable scoping in TSQL isn't a thing
It's a pop quiz kind of day: run the code through your mental parser. BEGIN TRY DECLARE @foo varchar(30) = 'Created in try block'; DECLARE @...
22-03-2017 21:23:37 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Getting Windows share via python
Windows network shares with pythonBackstoryOn a daily basis, we receive data extracts from a mainframe. They provide a header and data file ...
08-03-2017 15:36:57 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Biml Database Inspection
Biml Database Inspection Importing tables via BimlI've mentioned how using Biml to reverse engineer a very large database was the only optio...
23-02-2017 16:11:12 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Playing audio via Biml
Playing audio via BimlHow often do you need to play audio while you're compiling your Biml packages? Never? Really? Huh, just me then. Very ...
09-11-2016 18:51:59 Bill Fellows SQL Server
What packages still use Configuration?
What packages still use Configurations?I'm sitting in Tim Mitchell's excellent "Deep Dive into the SSISDB session" and someone asked how the...
28-10-2016 20:04:06 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Debugging Biml
Debugging BimlAt this point, I don't even know who to give credit for on this tip/trick as I've seen it from so many luminaries in the field...
18-10-2016 19:07:32 Bill Fellows SQL Server
UNION removes duplicates
UNION removes duplicatesWhen you need to combine two sets of data together, we use the UNION operator. That comes in two flavors: UNION and ...
06-10-2016 19:38:42 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Generating a workload for AdventureWorks
Just a quick note, if you need to generate some database activity, Jonathan Keyhayias has the The AdventureWorks2008R2 Books Online Random W...
04-10-2016 21:09:17 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Resolving the Biml project level connection manager issue
Biml connection manager ids brokenWell, it's not quite that dire but it sure can seem like it. You build out N packages that use project lev...
30-09-2016 02:16:46 Bill Fellows SQL Server
Generating an SSISDB dacpac
Generating an SSISDB DACPACCreating a DACPAC is easy*. Within SSMS, you simply select the database node, Tasks, Extract Data-Tier Applicatio...
19-09-2016 15:39:12 Bill Fellows SQL Server

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