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How to combine BATS, PyTest and MySQL X Plugin for tests
Hi, In this post I am going to show some tricks on using BATS framework + PyTest + Python X Plugin things, to have combined, simple test sol...
19-09-2017 09:38:28 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Using MySQL Connector/Python X (mysqlx module) MyRocks episode
This post is about, how I have tried to make simple Python script using mysqlx module work with MyRocks. This is also related to pytest, as ...
25-08-2017 11:44:43 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Using MySQL Connector/Python X (mysqlx module)
This post is about simple usage of mysqlx module i.e X Plugin with latest Connector/Python DMR. The version of Python Connector is 8.0.4. In...
21-08-2017 17:46:01 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Testing MySQL 8.0 – let me create a ton of undo files
This is the late blog post about 2 recent bug reports #85969 #85971 The basic idea came after reading -> So the result of test -> After each...
01-06-2017 12:01:50 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Experimental MySQL UDF code partially written in Python
Hi dear all, I would like to share our experimental tests about, writing UDF with Python. So the basic idea was writing a UDF for factorial ...
16-12-2016 20:37:34 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
My first patch for MySQL world; fixing BUG #76852
Hi dear MySQL Community. I have reported a bunch of bugs and wrote some articles, but today is a special for me Because today I send my firs...
11-11-2016 08:50:12 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Playing with MySQL Source code; Adding "STOP ALL SLAVES" command
This blog post is a result of reading book. To be clear -> "Expert MySQL" by Charles Bell -> This book explain internals of MySQL based on 5...
31-10-2016 20:09:37 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
MySQL Shell, opening session in a wrong way
This topic is about general usage for MySQL Shell and X-Plugin. The most important thing, i think we should keep in mind that, the X-Plugin ...
15-07-2016 12:56:41 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL cannot open shared object file with MariaDB Galera
After getting some errors: 160707 13:23:05 [Note] /home/sh/mariadb-galera-1 0.0.26-linux-x86_64/bin/m ysqld (mysqld 10.0.26-MariaDB-wsrep) s...
08-07-2016 08:27:38 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Azerbaijan MySQL User Group in EMEA User Group Leaders summit
I would like to share my trip to Romania/Bucharest for User Group Leaders summit. It was really great meeting. Great people, talks, discussi...
09-06-2016 18:26:03 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL

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