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The weird messages Anthology of MySQL – Episode 1
Hi dear community. Today I want to share with you some funny and weird error messages which can be extremely annoying So let's begin: Okay, ...
13-03-2018 08:42:57 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Doc BUGs – an easy way to contribute Open Source project(part-1)
In this topic I would like to make some notes about questions, how we can contribute or help on Open Source project. The first thing is, to ...
23-12-2017 11:02:41 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Running simultaneous queries with Python, for killing them
This topic is about, simple approach to run multiple sql statements for testing XtraBackup behaviour if it is going to kill them due to bloc...
09-12-2017 11:51:22 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
MySQL blank users preventing slave I/O connection?
Hi, Recently I have encountered a weird simple issue with starting Slave server. So created user as tried to run change master: After that g...
24-11-2017 13:50:37 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
XtraBackup vs. OOM killer(usage of mprof)
This small article is about nicely depicting memory usage prior to OOM killers show. I have started MySQL with: So basically it is MySQL 5.7...
14-11-2017 15:37:23 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
How to combine BATS, PyTest and MySQL X Plugin for tests
Hi, In this post I am going to show some tricks on using BATS framework + PyTest + Python X Plugin things, to have combined, simple test sol...
19-09-2017 09:38:28 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Using MySQL Connector/Python X (mysqlx module) MyRocks episode
This post is about, how I have tried to make simple Python script using mysqlx module work with MyRocks. This is also related to pytest, as ...
25-08-2017 11:44:43 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Using MySQL Connector/Python X (mysqlx module)
This post is about simple usage of mysqlx module i.e X Plugin with latest Connector/Python DMR. The version of Python Connector is 8.0.4. In...
21-08-2017 17:46:01 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Testing MySQL 8.0 – let me create a ton of undo files
This is the late blog post about 2 recent bug reports #85969 #85971 The basic idea came after reading -> So the result of test -> After each...
01-06-2017 12:01:50 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL
Experimental MySQL UDF code partially written in Python
Hi dear all, I would like to share our experimental tests about, writing UDF with Python. So the basic idea was writing a UDF for factorial ...
16-12-2016 20:37:34 Azerbaijan MySQL UG MySQL

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