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SQL Server 2017 in a Docker Container running on a Mac – Tips and Tricks
I started using a MacBook Pro at work, and the very first thing I did was configure SQL Server 2017 running on a docker container, and run i...
23-02-2018 08:28:46 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
SQL Server 2017 running on Windows Containers!
One of the questions which I normally get all the time whenever I talk about SQL Server and Docker is Why you want to run SQL Server on cont...
10-05-2017 07:22:07 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
Google Cloud Spanner - Next big thing in the database world?
Last month Google announced the public beta for Cloud Spanner, and I would like to share few details around this since it's a big news! So, ...
14-03-2017 07:21:09 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 – A match made in heaven!
For all these years Windows Server 2016 is the Windows version I was waiting for, and this blog post will explain why I'm super excited abou...
23-12-2016 00:15:14 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
When disks have different sector sizes for primary and secondary replica log files in an AlwaysOn Availability Group Config
Recently I was analyzing a stress test result for an AG configuration, and as usual I was reading to SQL error logs to see if there is anyth...
07-11-2016 17:00:35 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
AlwaysOn Availability Group Database Level Health Detection – SQL Server 2016
SQL Server 2016 AlwaysOn AG got many improvements, and I'm pretty impressed with the log throughput improvements and redo improvements based...
30-06-2016 07:47:44 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
Why you should think about upgrading to SQL Server 2016!
SQL Server 2005 is out of support and you might be (Or rather, you should be) planning an enterprise wide upgrade of SQL Server. Are you thi...
02-05-2016 02:34:24 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
Curious case of SYS.MESSAGES
A strange error struck me last week, and this post is all about that. What you normally expect when you run SELECT * FROM sys.messages? The ...
07-03-2016 23:18:52 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
Encrypting AlwaysOn Availability Group Transport- Some thoughts!
Transport security for AlwaysOn Availability Group is an interesting topic, and any day it's a topic which is debatable. The transport secur...
28-01-2016 01:57:52 Anup SivaDas SQL Server
SQL Server 2016 CTP 3 Setup – UI Improvements
There are some improvements in the setup UI for SQL Server 2016 CTP3, and its great to see Microsoft making these changes as they receive fe...
11-11-2015 18:51:22 Anup SivaDas SQL Server

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