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How Many Profiles Can an Oracle Database Have?
When you create a database, Oracle gives you one profile, called DEFAULT. You can then create more profiles if you need them. I wondered if ...
23-06-2017 23:52:29 Andrew Reid Oracle
Datapump Does not Export Permissions on Objects Owned by SYS
I was reminded recently that Datapump does not export permissions on objects owned by SYS so I decided to write a post about it for my blog....
25-09-2016 00:30:30 Andrew Reid Oracle
Deferred Segment Creation not Supported for Partitioned Tables in Oracle
I tried to create a partitioned table with deferred segment creation in an Oracle database. First I tried to do so explicitly but t...
04-09-2016 22:49:39 Andrew Reid Oracle
How to Automatically Trace a User's Sessions
This post shows how you can use a logon trigger to automatically trace all sessions for a given user. This can be useful where an applicatio...
04-09-2016 00:06:36 Andrew Reid Oracle
SUBSTR Versus LIKE in Oracle 11.2
I was reading an old SQL tuning book which was printed in 2002. It said that a where clause with like could often use an index whereas a sim...
24-08-2016 20:44:29 Andrew Reid Oracle
Making a Hot Backup and Doing an Incomplete Recovery
This post shows how to do a hot backup followed by an incomplete recovery. I ran it on an Oracle test database. First I checked tha...
10-08-2016 23:49:53 Andrew Reid Oracle
ORA-39710 and ORA-00704
I tried to use dbua to upgrade a database from Oracle to Oracle Part way through, my PC lost connection with the UNIX ser...
19-07-2016 01:29:01 Andrew Reid Oracle
I read about this parameter, which is supposed to force a redo log switch after a certain number of seconds. I decided to try it out in an O...
08-06-2016 00:04:16 Andrew Reid Oracle
I read that you cannot take a tablespace offline if the database is only mounted so I decided to test this in an Oracle database. I...
02-06-2016 22:41:12 Andrew Reid Oracle
How to See When an Oracle Role Was Created
You can get the date and time a role was created from the CTIME column in SYS.USER$. You can see what I mean in the example below, which I t...
31-05-2016 00:44:52 Andrew Reid Oracle

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