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Correct Password Gives ORA-01017
This post replicates a real-life situation where Oracle returned an ORA-01017 when the correct password was used. First I created a user in ...
01-02-2019 23:05:26 Andrew Reid Oracle
A Different Cause for enq: TM - contention
Doc ID 1905174.1 on My Oracle Support looks at how to resolve this wait event. It says: If contention is occurring, then the most common rea...
15-08-2017 00:21:32 Andrew Reid Oracle
Password Last Change Time
I read that the PTIME column in the SYS.USER$ table shows when a user's password was last changed so I decided to try it out in an Oracle 10...
10-07-2017 06:11:59 Andrew Reid Oracle
I wondered what would happen if you tried to do a password expire on an externally identified user so I tried it out on an Oracle 11.2 datab...
09-07-2017 23:39:48 Andrew Reid Oracle
This post is an update to an earlier one, which I have now deleted. I tested the first part of it in an Oracle database. First I cr...
29-06-2017 23:58:52 Andrew Reid Oracle
Password Expire
If a user forgets his password, he may ask you to reset it for him. You will then know his new password, which you may see as a security iss...
28-06-2017 22:59:27 Andrew Reid Oracle
This example, which was tested on Oracle 11.2, shows the difference between a user with an ACCOUNT_STATUS of LOCKED and one with an ACCOUNT_...
28-06-2017 14:58:47 Andrew Reid Oracle
ALTER USER Hangs on row cache lock
I created the following UNIX shell script called loop1.ksh: Oracle 11.1 > cat loop1.ksh#!/bin/bashexpor t ORACLE_SID=PQEDPT1export ORAENV_AS...
28-06-2017 08:19:09 Andrew Reid Oracle
I tested this on Oracle 11.2. I created a profile called FOR_ANDREW with PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX set to 1. This meant that I could not reuse a pa...
25-06-2017 01:21:31 Andrew Reid Oracle
How Many Profiles Can an Oracle Database Have?
When you create a database, Oracle gives you one profile, called DEFAULT. You can then create more profiles if you need them. I wondered if ...
23-06-2017 23:52:29 Andrew Reid Oracle

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