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Using EXPLAIN json format output in plpgsql
It's possible to use EXPLAIN output in plpgsql. In the default text format, the result comes back as a set of text values, so you can proces...
08-08-2016 16:25:40 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Removing a Buildfarm client/server perl dependency
With one very small exception, there is nothing in the buildfarm server that requires the client to be running perl, even though both the se...
09-06-2016 15:43:48 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Using wal-e with Postgres on a non-standard port
I just discovered after a great deal of puzzlement and far too much time that if you run multiple instances of Postgres on a machine, and yo...
04-06-2016 18:19:53 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Indiscriminate use of CTEs considered harmful
Common Table Expressions are a wonderful thing. Not only are they indespensible for creating recursive queries, but they can be a powerful t...
31-05-2016 14:51:29 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Windows XP - PostgreSQL's long goodbye.
I just committed a patch to allow building with Visual Studio 2015. Due to a change in the way we need to detect locales with this compiler,...
29-04-2016 15:32:44 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Building an extension with VS2015
I needed to get a DLL prepared of my tiny closed format ranges extension, and so I tried following the excellent instructions Craig Ringer g...
17-04-2016 17:42:02 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Weird stuff happens
Five days ago, my buildfarm animal jacana suddenly started getting an error while trying to extract typedefs. It had been happily doing this...
24-03-2016 21:15:47 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
GIN indexing an array of enums
GIN indexes of arrays can be pretty useful. And arrays of enums can also be pretty useful. Unfortunately, there is no built in GIN indexing ...
19-03-2016 23:24:36 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Gist and Gin support for enums
Recently I submitted a patch (too late for release 9.6, unfortunately) to add support for enum data types to the btree_gist and btree_gin ad...
19-03-2016 16:33:35 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL
Json dates, times, and binary data
If I had to pick one thing I would change about the JSON spec it's this: they should allow timestamps and dates as primitive values. It's a ...
08-03-2016 18:44:00 Andrew Dunstan PostgreSQL

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