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UKOUG Northern Technology Summit 2018
The UKOUG has run something called the Northern Server Day for several years. Northern because they were held in a northern part of England ...
15-04-2018 11:13:20 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
Data Access Layer vs Table APIs
One of the underlying benefits of PL/SQL APIs is the enabling of data governance. Table owners can shield their tables behind a layer of PL/...
31-12-2017 19:56:48 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
On hitting 100K on StackOverflow
100,000 is just another number. It's one more than 99,999. And yet, and yet. We live in a decimal cultural. We love to see those zeroes roll...
29-12-2017 19:55:58 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
Avoiding Coincidental Cohesion
Given that Coincidental Cohesion is bad for our code base so obviously we want to avoid writing utilities packages. Fortunately it is mostly...
01-06-2017 05:33:35 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
Utilities - the Coincidental Cohesion anti-pattern
One way to understand the importance of cohesion is to examine an example of a non-cohesive package, one exhibiting a random level of cohesi...
31-05-2017 23:05:52 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
UKOUG Tech 2016 - Super Sunday
UKOUG 2016 is underway. This year I'm staying at the Jury's Inn hotel, one of a clutch of hotels within a stone's throw of the ICC. Proximit...
05-12-2016 15:51:04 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
UKOUG Conference 2016 coming up fast
The weather has turned cold, the lights are twinkling in windows and Starbucks is selling pumpkin lattes. Yes, it's starting to look a lot l...
24-11-2016 10:03:10 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
The importance of cohesion
"Come on, come on, let's stick together" - Bryan Ferry There's more to PL/SQL programs than packages, but most of our code will live in pack...
20-04-2016 10:03:50 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
It's all about the interface
When we talk about program design we're mainly talking about interface design. The interface is the part of our program that the users inter...
04-04-2016 10:17:25 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle
Three more principles
Here are some more principles which can help us design better programs. These principles aren't part of an organized theory, and they're are...
04-04-2016 03:18:04 radiofreetooting (Andrew Clarke) Oracle

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