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CONNECT BY is dead, long live CTE! In MariaDB 10.2!
Yes, you got that right, the old CONNECT BY as used by recursive SQL with Oracle has been replaced by Common Table Expressions, or the WITH ...
03-03-2017 13:23:56 Anders Karlsson MySQL
JSON with MariaDB 10.2
JSON is fast becoming the standard format for data interchange and for unstructured data, and MariaDB 10.2 adds a range on JSON supporting f...
28-02-2017 18:44:59 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Released MyMSSQLDump 1.1
My program for exporting data from MSSQL and Sybase into a whole bunch of other formats, including: JSONHTMLCSVMySQL (mysqldump style)MYSQL ...
16-01-2017 22:04:15 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Powerful MariaDB exports using MyMDBDump
You can export data from MariaDB using mysqldump and a bunch of other tools, but if you need really flexible output format, this might not b...
05-01-2017 13:57:24 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Getting data out of SQL Server in a MariaDB friendy way.
I know what you are thinking "Oh my, it's that time again, Karlsson insist that data should get out of some other database and into MariaDB....
11-10-2016 11:55:46 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Replication from Oracle to MariaDB - Part 3
This is the third part of a series of blogs on how to do Change Data Capture from Oracle in an effort to be able to replicate that data to M...
19-09-2016 15:49:14 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Replication from Oracle to MariaDB - Part 2
In part 1 on this series of blogs on how to replcate from Oracle to MariaDB, we looked at how to get data out from Oracle, and in an effort ...
16-09-2016 17:42:43 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Replication from Oracle to MariaDB - Part 1
If you have read my blog before, you know that I have shown a couple of ways of getting data from an Oracle database and into something more...
15-09-2016 09:54:39 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Creating a MariaDB MaxScale router module
I wanted to do some tests with MariaDB MaxScale and realized that the two existing routers (beyond the binlog router that is, which is a bit...
29-08-2016 11:24:53 Anders Karlsson MySQL
Installing MariaDB MaxScale the hard way
If you are like me (let's for everyones sake hope you are not, though) you like to do things the hard way, in particular when it comes to te...
10-08-2016 21:21:16 Anders Karlsson MySQL

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