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ODC Appreciation Day: EMP #ThanksODC
Here is my very short entry for the Oracle Developer Community Appreciation Day 2017.Very often I use the good ol' EMP table to demonstrate ...
10-10-2017 22:40:56 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Wanted New Speakers
Yesterday there was an email coming from the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) about their upcoming Tech conference at the end of the year. There...
01-06-2017 14:41:51 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Good old BIN_TO_NUM to check the overall status
A good while ago Chris Saxon, member of the AskTom answer team, asked on twitter which datatype you use when defining tables when you need a...
28-03-2017 10:43:50 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Generate Rows based on a Column Value
My requirement is the following: In a database table the activity, start time and the number of repetitions is stored, but for the report th...
20-03-2017 11:56:45 Alex Nuijten Oracle
APEX: Display the Page Alias on every page - without modifying the Template
Having a Page Alias shown on the page can make communication with your end users a little bit easier. Instead of directing them to the URL a...
03-01-2017 10:23:16 Alex Nuijten Oracle
OTN Appreciation Day: Analytic Functions
This is my contribution to the OTN Appreciation Day, which was initiated by Tim Hall. One of my favorite features of the Oracle Database are...
11-10-2016 09:03:10 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Iconic Breadcrumbs in APEX
Normally when you use a Breadcrumb in an APEX application you enter the data and that's it. The breadcrumb will look something like this: Or...
07-10-2016 15:36:11 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Celebrate Batman Day with SQL
Because today is Batman Day, it calls for a celebration of the SQL type: SQL> select listagg (b) 2 within group (order by null) ||' Batman' ...
26-09-2016 12:40:05 Alex Nuijten Oracle
RegExp: Constraint to prevent spaces at the beginning or end.
Even though a space is a regular character, the client didn't want spaces at the beginning or end of a string. Any spaces in the middle were...
01-09-2016 09:03:11 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Top N- queries: using the 12c syntax.
One of the new features with Oracle database 12c is the new syntax for Top N queries and pagination. Did we really need this? Should you cho...
31-05-2016 10:43:08 Alex Nuijten Oracle

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