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Wanted New Speakers
Yesterday there was an email coming from the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) about their upcoming Tech conference at the end of the year. There...
01-06-2017 14:41:51 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Good old BIN_TO_NUM to check the overall status
A good while ago Chris Saxon, member of the AskTom answer team, asked on twitter which datatype you use when defining tables when you need a...
28-03-2017 10:43:50 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Generate Rows based on a Column Value
My requirement is the following: In a database table the activity, start time and the number of repetitions is stored, but for the report th...
20-03-2017 11:56:45 Alex Nuijten Oracle
APEX: Display the Page Alias on every page - without modifying the Template
Having a Page Alias shown on the page can make communication with your end users a little bit easier. Instead of directing them to the URL a...
03-01-2017 10:23:16 Alex Nuijten Oracle
OTN Appreciation Day: Analytic Functions
This is my contribution to the OTN Appreciation Day, which was initiated by Tim Hall. One of my favorite features of the Oracle Database are...
11-10-2016 09:03:10 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Iconic Breadcrumbs in APEX
Normally when you use a Breadcrumb in an APEX application you enter the data and that's it. The breadcrumb will look something like this: Or...
07-10-2016 15:36:11 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Celebrate Batman Day with SQL
Because today is Batman Day, it calls for a celebration of the SQL type: SQL> select listagg (b) 2 within group (order by null) ||' Batman' ...
26-09-2016 12:40:05 Alex Nuijten Oracle
RegExp: Constraint to prevent spaces at the beginning or end.
Even though a space is a regular character, the client didn't want spaces at the beginning or end of a string. Any spaces in the middle were...
01-09-2016 09:03:11 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Top N- queries: using the 12c syntax.
One of the new features with Oracle database 12c is the new syntax for Top N queries and pagination. Did we really need this? Should you cho...
31-05-2016 10:43:08 Alex Nuijten Oracle
Rounding amounts, divide cents over multiple lines
In previous articles I wrote about dealing with a missing cent when you need to divide a certain amount over multiple lines. In these articl...
18-05-2016 20:52:28 Alex Nuijten Oracle

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