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Exadata 12c PX Adaptive Offloading
Here is yet another case when you may not see as much offloading on your Exadata as you expect. I was recently investigating a simple select...
15-07-2017 20:55:12 Alex Fatkulin Oracle
12.2 ACFS compression, part I
One of the new 12.2 features is the ability to transparently compress ACFS filesystems. Compression is enabled using acfsutil utility: [root...
07-07-2017 20:34:38 Alex Fatkulin Oracle
Oracle SuperCluster M7 SLOB LIO Tests vs Intel Xeon E5-2699 V4
Here are some SLOB LIO figures from a DB zone configured with 16 threads running on an Oracle SuperCluster M7 hardware. For comparison I've ...
22-05-2017 19:18:29 Alex Fatkulin Oracle

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