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PG Phriday: Getting RAD with Docker [Part 1]
Fans of Rapid Application Development (RAD!) are probably already familiar with Docker, but what does that have to do with Postgres? Databas...
20-10-2017 21:31:18 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
pglogical with OmniDB
1. Introduction pglogical is an extension that provides an advanced logical replication system that serves as a highly efficient method of r...
19-10-2017 20:15:20 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Postgres-XL with OmniDB
1. Introduction Postgres-XL (or just XL, for short) is an open source project from 2ndQuadrant. It is a massively parallel database built on...
17-10-2017 13:29:11 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Plan for the unexpected: install diagnostic tools on your PostgreSQL servers
There's a lot of information out there on how to configure PostgreSQL, on the importance of backups and testing them, etc. But what about th...
16-10-2017 10:44:16 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Why PostgreSQL is better than MySQL
Someone recently tweeted about the fantastic news that MySQL fixed a bug. Now in my world, bugs get fixed quickly and well. Bugs happen and ...
11-10-2017 15:17:32 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PG10 at the London PostgreSQL Meetup
We recently hosted the London PostgreSQL Meetup at a new location in Covent Garden. Room was great and its about 100m from Leicester Square ...
06-10-2017 19:27:58 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
v10, The Best PostgreSQL Yet?
The short answer Hell Yeah! The long answer lies in extensive improvements and the impressive new feature list that makes up this major rele...
05-10-2017 13:09:16 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 10 easy installation with 2UDA
PostgreSQL 10 offers an exciting new set of features in addition to making further improvements to many of the already existing features inc...
03-10-2017 16:54:39 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Postgres-BDR with OmniDB
1. Introduction Postgres-BDR (or just BDR, for short) is an open source project from 2ndQuadrant that provides multi-master features for Pos...
28-09-2017 18:25:45 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Transaction traceability in PostgreSQL 10 with txid_status(…)
One feature quietly added to PostgreSQL 10 is the ability to determine the commit status of any transaction by transaction-id. It's reasonab...
26-09-2017 16:05:16 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL

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