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OmniDB: Console Tab
Introduced in OmniDB 2.6.0, the new OmniDB Console Tab provides an easy and comfortable way to interact with your databases. Users familiar ...
17-04-2018 14:49:03 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Partition Elimination in PostgreSQL 11
The feature freeze for the PostgreSQL 11 release is now upon us. During the last few days my colleague lvaro Herrera pushed two changes into...
11-04-2018 22:28:55 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Using Java Database Interface (jDBI) with PostgreSQL
jDBI is designed to be the middle ground between high level ORMs like JPA & Hibernate on one hand and raw JDBC on the other. You can think o...
10-04-2018 14:24:15 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Power of Indexing in PostgreSQL [Webinar Follow-up]
Given the massive size, complexity, and performance requirements of most databases, having an optimized database is critical for many organi...
04-04-2018 19:19:40 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PGConf APAC 2018 – bigger & better each year
Last week saw the 3rd event in as many years in Singapore, and yet this time something was very different. For the last 2 years, we had been...
29-03-2018 17:49:42 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Don't be hard-headed… Harden your PostgreSQL database to ensure security
When it comes to database security, the risk is definitely not worth the reward. Being hard-headed about database security procedures can no...
28-03-2018 16:20:20 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Near-Zero Downtime Automated Upgrades of PostgreSQL Clusters in Cloud (Part I)
Last week, I was at Nordic PGDay 2018 and I had quite a few conversations about the tool that I wrote, namely pglupgrade, to automate Postgr...
23-03-2018 13:05:02 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Prague PostgreSQL Meetup
Last month, I was at 2ndQuadrant booth at P2D2, an annual conference organized in Prague by local user group called CSPUG (Czech and Slovak ...
22-03-2018 14:27:06 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Using EclipseLink with PostgreSQL
1. Introduction EclipseLink was announced in 2008 as the JPA 2.0 implementation from the Eclipse Foundation. It is based on the TopLink proj...
20-03-2018 10:20:49 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL – The most loved RDBMS
The 2018 StackOverflow survey has just been published, with good news for PostgreSQL. StackOverflow got more than 100,000 responses from peo...
13-03-2018 18:09:37 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL

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