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Dev Corner: error context stack corruption
PostgreSQL uses error context callbacks to allow code paths to annotate errors with additional information. For example, pl/pgsql uses them ...
23-02-2018 12:37:00 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Maximum Table Size
Various limits on the PostgreSQL database are listed here: One of those limits is the Maximum Table Size, listed as 32TB. It's been that way...
20-02-2018 18:43:05 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 11 – Server-side Procedures (Part 2)
Transaction control in PL procedures A couple of months back, I wrote about how we now have the ability to write Stored Procedures in Postgr...
16-02-2018 08:49:36 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Webinar: Data Integration With PostgreSQL [Follow Up]
Having a unified view when combining data from different sources is essential for every business. Whether you want to connect to a cloud app...
14-02-2018 16:33:05 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Oracle with OmniDB
OmniDB was designed to allow users to manage multiple databases from different RDMBS within an unified workspace. The philosophy is to use t...
13-02-2018 11:01:47 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
OmniDB: Monitoring Dashboard
OmniDB 2.4.0 introduces a new cool feature called Monitoring Dashboard. We know a picture is worth a thousand words, so please take a look: ...
08-02-2018 15:23:53 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Developer Meeting Brussels
The PostgreSQL Developer Meeting went well with attendees from UK, Czechia, US, Russia and Germany. The meeting is in Brussels, near the FOS...
02-02-2018 11:52:36 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Using Multimaster and BDR appropriately – LinuxConfAu
Unless you were in Sydney last week you probably didn't see my talk Geographically distributed multi-master replication with PostgreSQL and ...
01-02-2018 21:22:28 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Upcoming Enhancements to Partitioning & Indexes in PostgreSQL 11
My colleague Alvaro Herrera has been working on a series of connected features for PostgreSQL 11. It's worth explaining what these are rathe...
30-01-2018 17:16:12 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PG Phriday: Adventures in BAR Management
Backups are a critical component to a fully covered Postgres database infrastructure. In some ways, it's fair to say a database without a ba...
19-01-2018 19:02:52 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL

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