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Adding new table columns with default values in PostgreSQL 11
In PostgreSQL version 10 or less, if you add a new column to a table without specifying a default value then no change is made to the actual...
18-10-2018 21:58:47 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PGDay Down Under 2018
After the success of last year's event, the second PGDay held in Australia, we're back this year with PGDay Down Under. The name "Down Under...
18-10-2018 15:14:53 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PG Phriday: Studying Stored Procedures in Postgres 11
Studying Stored Procs in Postgres 11 With Postgres 11 looming on the near horizon, it's only appropriate to check out a recent beta and kick...
16-10-2018 10:41:35 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Managing Freezing in PostgreSQL
Postgres contains a moving event horizon, which is in effect about 2 billion transactions ahead of or behind the current transaction id. Tra...
10-10-2018 10:32:13 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
SSL in PostgreSQL – Introduction – (Part 1)
This is going to be the first in a series of blog posts about SSL in PostgreSQL. This is an area where I often find misconceptions and misun...
09-10-2018 14:45:18 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Webinar : New Features in PostgreSQL 11 [Follow Up]
PostgreSQL 11, the next major release of the world's most advanced open source database, is just around the corner. The new release of Postg...
03-10-2018 15:52:12 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL 11: Patch Reviewers for Partitioning Patches
We seldom credit patch reviewers. I decided to pay a little homage to those silent heroes for a few of them: here's the list of people who w...
28-09-2018 08:18:58 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
[Video] Power of Indexing in PostgreSQL
The video of my presentation below walks you through Indexing in PostgreSQL' a key component to database performance. This presentation cove...
25-09-2018 20:37:17 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
On Rocks and Sand
When working with database capacity planning, there are a lot of variables to consider, and Postgres is no different in this regard. One of ...
23-09-2018 09:35:33 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Webinar : Database Security in PostgreSQL [Follow Up]
Database security is an increasingly critical topic for any business handling personal data. Data breach can have serious ramifications for ...
13-09-2018 15:09:52 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL

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