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PG Phriday: Postgres on Tap
Testing within the context of a database can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. Not only is it necessary to create a reasonable set of test ...
16-06-2017 20:22:42 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Announcing Release 5 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm Client
Release 5 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm Client has been released and can be downloaded from In a similar move to PostgreSQL version numbering,...
13-06-2017 20:42:56 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PostgreSQL Popularity Continues to Grow!
Some years ago, I prophesized that PostgreSQL would win in the end, and that we would be able to tell because there would be "Microsoft Post...
13-06-2017 09:55:43 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
PG Phriday: Dearly De-parted
With the christening of PG Phriday at its new location, it's only fitting that we revisit a frequent boon and bane of organized storage: par...
09-06-2017 15:38:07 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Kanban & devops culture at 2ndQuadrant - Part 2
In Part 2 of this series, we will continue our journey within the developmental dynamics of the Barman open source project for PostgreSQL da...
08-06-2017 09:20:51 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Visualizing sar data
Hopefully you are now regularly collecting system statistics after reading Tomas Vondra's defense of using sar. If you don't have anything i...
01-06-2017 16:01:40 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Future of Postgres-XL
You probably know that Postgres-XL is a distributed database based on PostgreSQL. A few days ago we pushed the XL 9.6 code into the public g...
26-05-2017 13:21:30 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Kanban & devops culture at 2ndQuadrant – Part 1
We very often hear about devops culture, lean and agile methodologies, kanban, pair programming, peer review, testing, and many more; but ho...
25-05-2017 13:56:42 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
More robust collations with ICU support in PostgreSQL 10
In this article, I want to introduce the ICU support in PostgreSQL, which I have worked on for PostgreSQL version 10, to appear later this y...
22-05-2017 15:29:36 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
What's new in Postgres-XL 9.6
For the last few months, we at 2ndQuadrant have been working on merging PostgreSQL 9.6 into Postgres-XL, which turned out to be quite challe...
12-05-2017 15:47:23 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL

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