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Oracle issues after upgrade to 12.2
Sometimes it's really hard even to create reproducible test case to send it to oracle support, especially in case of intermittent errors. In...
23-11-2017 23:07:09 Sayan Malakshinov Oracle
Webinars on Wednesday November 15, 2017: Proxy Wars and Percona Software Update for Q4
Do you need to get to grips with MySQL proxies? Or maybe you could do with discovering the latest developments and plans for Percona's softw...
23-11-2017 19:20:59 Percona MySQL
Further improvements on INFORMATION_SCHEMA in MySQL 8.0.3
Introduction With the transactional data dictionary in MySQL 8.0, see MySQL 8.0: Data Dictionary Architecture and Design , INFORMATION_SCHEM...
23-11-2017 16:33:39 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
ClusterControl 1.5 - Announcing MariaDB 10.2 Support
Announced as part of the ClusterControl 1.5 release, we now provide full support for MariaDB version 10.2. This new version provides even gr...
23-11-2017 13:45:19 Severalnines MySQL
ZFS from a MySQL perspective
Since the purpose of a database system is to store data, there is close relationship with the filesystem. As MySQL consultants, we always lo...
23-11-2017 12:40:10 Percona MySQL
Shenzhen MariaDB Developers Unconference Reportback
Last week saw an excellent Developers Unconference, with many of the top MariaDB developers from Asia and the rest of the world attending. W...
23-11-2017 10:01:40 MariaDB MySQL
MongoDB 3.6 Change Streams: A Nest Temperature and Fan Control Use Case
In this post, I'll look at what MongoDB 3.6 change streams are, in a creative way. Just in time for the holidays! What is a change stream? C...
23-11-2017 06:02:19 Percona MySQL
Periscope Data | 6 Reasons to Join the New Periscope Data Community
Periscope Data has always championed collaboration today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Periscope Data Community for data ana...
23-11-2017 04:39:45 Sean Plott Mishmash
SQL SERVER – AlwaysOn Wizard Error – Checking for Compatibility of the Database File Locations on the Server Instance that Hosts Secondary Replica
This blog is about another message which I faced with I faced in the wizard. You can read earlier two blogs with more problems which my clie...
23-11-2017 03:16:21 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Restoring SQL Server Database on Linux Using SQL Operations Studio
You are looking at SQL Server, running on Linux, in a Docker container, on my iMac, connected through SQL Operations Studio. The post Restor...
22-11-2017 23:20:17 Thomas LaRock SQL Server

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