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I'm Climbing the Space Needle!
Many of you have seen the Space Needle during trips to Seattle, especially if you have visited during PASS Summit week. Have you ever wonder...
20-09-2017 06:45:51 Kathi Kellenberger SQL Server
Percona Live Europe Featured Talks: Automatic Database Management System Tuning Through Large-Scale Machine Learning with Dana Van Aken
Welcome to another post in our series of interview blogs for the upcoming Percona Live Europe 2017 in Dublin. This series highlights a numbe...
20-09-2017 04:19:25 Percona MySQL
SQL SERVER – Effective Way to Take Backup with SQL Backup and FTP 11
Backing up databases is a balancing act: you want to make sure you're getting a safe solution that's effective, but you don't want to break ...
20-09-2017 04:15:35 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Updating indexes with partition maintenance
An index is basically a structure that maps keys (values) in columns to the physical location of their corresponding rows in a table. So if ...
20-09-2017 04:14:23 Connor McDonald Oracle
sp_Snapshot is a procedure that we've written to quickly and easily create a database snapshot of one or multiple databases. Prerequisites s...
20-09-2017 02:57:01 SQLUndercover SQL Server
Overcoming the Challenges of Microservices and Docker Containerisation
A microservice architecture can provide great benefits to certain types of applications that have pronounced troughs and peaks in demand, su...
19-09-2017 22:45:15 Simple Talk SQL Server
Oracle SYS_EXTRACT_UTC Function Tips and Examples
In this article, I'll explain what the SYS_EXTRACT_UTC function does and show you some examples. Purpose of the Oracle SYS_EXTRACT_UTC Funct...
19-09-2017 21:41:18 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
ProxySQL Improves MySQL SSL Connections
In this blog post, we'll look at how ProxySQL improves MySQL SSL connection performance. When deploying MySQL with SSL, the main concern is ...
19-09-2017 21:38:44 Percona MySQL
With Subquery()
Here's a little oddity that came up recently on the OTN database forum an example where a "with" subquery (common table expression / factore...
19-09-2017 21:31:20 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Probability perspective on MySQL Group replication and Galera Cluster
Comparing Oracle MySQL Group Replication and Galera Cluster through a probability perpective seems quite interesting. At commit time both us...
19-09-2017 20:07:19 Serge Frezefond MySQL

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