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New Article: Help for DBAs Who Support SSIS at SQL Server Central
My latest article, Help for DBAs Who Support SSIS is now live at SQL Server Central ! In this article I share some tips and tricks for using...
20-07-2017 21:42:23 Andy Leonard SQL Server
Periscope Data | Building a Data-Driven Culture Starts With the Right Players
Being a data-driven organization is an ongoing process you need to invest in the right team, infrastructure, software, and processes that ca...
20-07-2017 20:37:17 Sean Plott Mishmash
Using generate_series() in Redshift
Considering that Redshift clearly states that it doesn't support (the commonly used postgres function) generate_series (), it gets very frus...
20-07-2017 19:00:27 Robins Tharakan PostgreSQL
Sans Kscope
A few years ago I was lucky enough to attend Kscope15, and while I wasn't there this year, I have bizarre feeling of involvement. The BuzzI ...
20-07-2017 17:44:41 Scott Wesley Oracle
What Do You Think About ORMs?
I was recently asked what I thought about ORMs (Entity Framework, NHibernate, Dapper, etc) while we were looking at implicit conversion warn...
20-07-2017 16:31:29 Brent Ozar SQL Server
PostgreSQL: Indexes and foreign keys
Recently we have received a couple of PostgreSQL support calls, which were related to bad performance on various deployments. In many cases ...
20-07-2017 11:18:41 cybertec PostgreSQL
SQL SERVER – Can I Delete Always On Availability Groups Initial Sync Folder?
This was one of an interesting question which I heard from one of my clients who deployed AlwaysOn availability groups. I was not able to fi...
20-07-2017 04:45:14 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Blog Poll: What Operating System Do You Run Your Development Database On?
In this post, we'll use a blog poll to find out what operating system you use to run your development database servers. In our last blog pol...
20-07-2017 02:11:32 Percona MySQL
Oracle Application Express Curriculum Announcement - an Addendum
Earlier today, on the "official" Oracle APEX blog, I published the announcement of the release of the Oracle Application Express curriculum ...
19-07-2017 23:26:29 Joel Kallman Oracle
This is my 899 th post at SqlBlog.com . And my last. I made it to almost 900 posts and to almost 10 years. Blogging at SqlBlog has been an h...
19-07-2017 23:21:24 Andy Leonard SQL Server

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