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Killing A Service Broker SPID
Killing a SPID shouldn't be complicated. Execute the command KILL [SPID] and that should kill the session. But there are situations where a ...
20-02-2018 16:07:10 Marlon Ribunal SQL Server
How to Throttle Logins to SQL Server
So, uh, you can use WAITFOR in a logon trigger: [crayon-5a8c36a16b9140730 75893/] You probably don't want it to be TOO long, lest their app ...
20-02-2018 15:57:59 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Validating naming conventions in Oracle
Most development teams have agreed upon some sort of naming convention as it typically increases the readability and comprehension of the so...
20-02-2018 13:15:23 Simple Talk SQL Server
As the years roll on I've found it harder and harder to supply quick answers to "simple" questions on the Oracle-L list server and OTN/ODC f...
20-02-2018 10:40:59 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
How We Write Front-end Code
Writing front-end code in a sufficiently complex web app has never been an easy task. With all the view, state management, and routing libra...
20-02-2018 10:32:07 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
European Indexing Internals Seminar Events: Please Help Me Select (Station To Station)
I'm currently determining which European countries to initially target for a series of my 2 day Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices...
20-02-2018 03:46:59 Richard Foote Oracle
SQL SERVER – Improve Index Rebuild Performance by Enabling Sort In TempDB
During recent Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, the customer put forward a compelling request. They wanted to improve their i...
20-02-2018 02:37:41 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Execution plans on LiveSQL
To protect the integrity of people's data, and isolate sessions on LiveSQL, we lock down the environment. Clearly if you are doing some test...
20-02-2018 02:37:12 Connor McDonald Oracle
Archiving MySQL Tables in ClickHouse
In this blog post, I will talk about archiving MySQL tables in ClickHouse for storage and analytics. Why Archive? Hard drives are cheap nowa...
20-02-2018 01:14:37 Percona MySQL
Changing Data Types on Large Tables: The INT to BIGINT Conundrum
Changing a data type seems like a simple task unless the table is quite large and downtime must be kept to a minimum. Danny Kruge walks you ...
20-02-2018 01:01:05 Simple Talk SQL Server

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