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Implementing DevOps Doesn't Get Rid of Database Administrators
I hear from a lot of database administrators who are worried about being automated out of a job. These kinds of worries are not new. Over th...
21-01-2019 19:13:30 Simple Talk SQL Server
Percona Live 2019: Committee Announced and a Short Extension
We had a great response to our call for papers, thank you! However great we believe having the conference in Austin, TX will be, moving to a...
21-01-2019 18:03:36 Percona MySQL
Insufficient Passwords
As I already mentioned, passwords were traditionally used to prove identity electronically, but are showing their weakness with increased co...
21-01-2019 17:55:06 Bruce Momjian PostgreSQL
Easy Permissions Audit
This is an introductory level method demonstrating how to quickly audit database objects and principals for granted permissions.Related Post...
21-01-2019 16:39:11 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Upgrading of Oracle APEX 18.x and future
Late September 2018 Oracle Application Express (APEX) 18.2 was released. Since 2018, Oracle adopts a new versioning for their software, and ...
21-01-2019 16:36:16 Dimitri Gielis Oracle
MySQL InnoDB Cluster - What's new in the 8.0.14 (GA) release
The MySQL Development Team is very happy to announce a new 8.0 Maintenance Release of InnoDB Cluster 8.0.14! In addition to bug fixes, 8.0.1...
21-01-2019 16:34:51 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
Which Version of SQL Server Should You Use?
Wait! Before you install that next SQL Server, hold up. Are you sure you're using the right version? I know, management wants you to stay on...
21-01-2019 16:32:58 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Read-only tables
Sometimes you need a table that is read only. You don't want anyone to be able to write to it ... Continue reading
21-01-2019 15:12:40 Kenneth Fisher SQL Server
SQL SERVER – FCB::Open Failed – TEMPDB Files Fail to be Created with Error: "CREATE FILE Encountered Operating System Error 3"
Once there was an urgent request from my client and they asked my assistance. Without wasting any time, I sent them GoToMeeting invite and s...
21-01-2019 03:01:01 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 3/2019
Best of Top SQL Blogs, year 2019, week 3
20-01-2019 07:59:53 Jiri Pinkas Mishmash

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