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Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 104 – User List by CloudScope)
In this module you will learn how to use the User List by CloudScope. The User List by CloudScope is designed for showing a listContinue rea...
22-05-2018 14:55:08 Devin Knight SQL Server
How To Get 120% Retention Rates: Account Management at Heap
Here at Heap, a dessert cart rolls around the office every Thursday afternoon. Wheeled around by new hires and executives, the purpose of th...
22-05-2018 14:44:41 Heap Analytics PostgreSQL
Oracle Merge: The Complete Guide
Do you need to insert or update data depending on if it already exists? You can do this with the MERGE statement in Oracle SQL. What is the ...
22-05-2018 13:40:58 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Razor Redux
Microsoft has introduced a new version of Razor with ASP.NET Core 2. Tom Fischer explains why it's worth taking another look at this methodo...
22-05-2018 13:29:50 Simple Talk SQL Server
MySQL 8.0: MVCC of Large Objects in InnoDB
In this article, I'll explain about the multi version concurrency control (MVCC) of large objects (LOBs) design in the MySQL InnoDB storage ...
22-05-2018 12:05:26 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
SQL SERVER – Maintenance Plan Error: Failed to Acquire Connection "Local Server Connection".
One of my clients had an interesting situation where none of the SQL Maintenance plans were working. The example what I am using here is a S...
22-05-2018 04:22:55 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Export – Import Business, Again
"At first it was difficult to tell just what had changed it all looked the same and it all smelled the same but, for some reason, nothing so...
22-05-2018 04:15:57 David Fitzjarrell Oracle
PostgreSQL Buildfarm Client Release 8
I have just release version 8 of the PostgreSQL Buildfarm client It can be downloaded from or This release contains a number of small change...
21-05-2018 23:00:39 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
MariaDB Foundation financial report for 2017
The 2017 accounting for the MariaDB Foundation has been completed and the key figures are: Total income: 476,952.38 USD Total expenses: 476,...
21-05-2018 17:48:16 MariaDB MySQL

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