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Interval Partition Problem
Assume you've got a huge temporary tablespace, there's plenty of space in your favourite tablespace, you've got a very boring, simple table ...
21-02-2018 10:58:34 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Here We Go, Again
"There are no wrong roads to anywhere." -- Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth Every once in a while someone decides that Oracle functional...
21-02-2018 05:36:14 David Fitzjarrell Oracle
SQL SERVER – Puzzle – Get the First Name From Full Name Without CHARINDEX
Recently I have been engaged with a customer where they were having a performance issue. They have engaged me via my offering Comprehensive ...
21-02-2018 02:58:30 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Understand Your Prometheus Exporters with Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM)
In this blog post, I will look at the new dashboards in Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) for Prometheus exporters. Percona Monitoring...
21-02-2018 00:18:52 Percona MySQL
Here's a note I've just re-discovered at the time I was probably planning to extend it into a longer article but I've decided to publish the...
21-02-2018 00:12:15 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
A look into into Oracle redo, part 4: the log writer null write
This is the fourth blogpost on a series of blogposts about how the Oracle database handles redo. The previous blogpost talked about the work...
20-02-2018 21:16:14 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Oracle 18c Guide and FAQ
Oracle 18c has been released. What's included? How does it impact you as a developer or a DBA? How can you get access to it to play around w...
20-02-2018 20:12:09 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
3 Quick SQL Developer Tips to Kick off 2018
I'm in Denver today, to present one of my favorite talks, SQL Developer Tips & Tricks. Since I know most of you won't be here today, I thoug...
20-02-2018 20:07:21 Jeff Smith Oracle
PostgreSQL Maximum Table Size
Various limits on the PostgreSQL database are listed here: One of those limits is the Maximum Table Size, listed as 32TB. It's been that way...
20-02-2018 18:43:05 2nd quadrant PostgreSQL
Taking Notes – 2
[Originally written August 2015, but not previously published] If I'm taking notes in a presentation that you're giving there are essentiall...
20-02-2018 17:21:46 Jonathan Lewis Oracle

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