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WordPress – All the IP Addresses of Comments are Same and of Local Server
Recently I walked into a very interesting situation with this blog. As many of you may know that this blog is hosted on Linux server and run...
22-07-2017 03:57:18 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Postgres migrating SQL_ASCII to UTF-8 with fix_latin
(photograph by NOAA National Ocean Service) Upgrading Postgres is not quite as painful as it used to be, thanks primarily to the pg_upgrade ...
22-07-2017 02:39:06 Endpoint PostgreSQL
Updated PythonDBAGraphs to work from IDLE
I switched from Enthought Canopy to IDLE for Python development when I got my new corporate laptop a few weeks back. Yesterday I realized th...
22-07-2017 02:33:54 Bobby Durrett Oracle
Words I Don't Use, Part 1: "Methodology"
Today, I will begin a brief sequence of blog posts that I'll call "Words I Don't Use." I hope you'll have some fun with it, and maybe find a...
21-07-2017 20:02:29 Cary Millsap Oracle
Faster Node Rejoins with Improved IST performance
In this blog, we'll look at how improvements to Percona XtraDB Cluster improved IST performance. Introduction Starting in version 5.7.17-29....
21-07-2017 18:53:50 Percona MySQL
sp_AllNightLog: Poll Vaulting
Carry on It turns out that the only thing harder than checking for new databases restored to a SQL Server, is checking a folder for a backup...
21-07-2017 16:07:32 Brent Ozar SQL Server
24 Hours of PASS (July 2017) - Summit Preview
Which topics can you expect to see at the PASS Summit 2017 ? Find it out from July 19 to 20, 2017 at the 24 Hours of PASS Summit Preview edi...
21-07-2017 13:26:23 Sergio Govoni SQL Server
SQL SERVER – Invalid Object Name ‘master.dbo.spt_values' in Management Studio
One of my clients contacted me for On Demand (55 minutes) as they believed that this was a simple issue. John was honest enough to confess t...
21-07-2017 04:24:17 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Science Friday: Collect rocks, plant flag
Every year that goes by firms my realisation that putting people on the moon was an absolutely stunning achievement. Almost 50 years ago a m...
21-07-2017 00:18:15 Scott Wesley Oracle
Where Do I Put ProxySQL?
In this blog post, we'll look at how to deploy ProxySQL. ProxySQL is a high-performance proxy, currently for MySQL and its forks (like Perco...
20-07-2017 21:55:21 Percona MySQL

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