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How to Speed Up Pattern Matching Queries
From time to time I see pattern matching queries with conditions that look like this: "where fieldname like %something%' ". MySQL cannot use...
20-03-2018 01:08:46 Percona MySQL
Why I'm Leaving Slack Communities
Slack was a useful tool until I became overwhelmed with the number of groups and communities that wanted to use Slack to communicate. At som...
19-03-2018 23:51:01 Thomas LaRock SQL Server
Azure SQL Managed Instances and Database Corruption
Disclaimer: I love Azure SQL Managed Instances (MIs) so far. They're really cool, and I'm having a fun time playing with them. I'm about to ...
19-03-2018 21:00:37 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Database Master Keys and Availability Groups
Recently I received an email from a client experimenting with Availability Groups for the first time in a development environment that had r...
19-03-2018 19:50:51 Jonathan Kehayias SQL Server
Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting has two VMware vExperts
VMware recently announced they're vExpert list for 2018 and I'm proud to say that both Joey and myself were on the VMware list for 2018. The...
19-03-2018 18:30:27 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
A look into oracle redo, part 7: adaptive log file sync
This is the seventh part of a blog series about oracle redo. Adaptive log file sync is a feature that probably came with Oracle version 11.2...
19-03-2018 18:18:55 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Data Retention: An Inexact Art
A myriad of laws regulate data retention and generally compete with each other. William Brewer provides an introduction to the principles, b...
19-03-2018 15:39:27 Simple Talk SQL Server
Getting Started with ProxySQL - MySQL & MariaDB Load Balancing Tutorial
We're excited to announce a major update to our tutorial "Database Load Balancing for MySQL and MariaDB with ProxySQL" ProxySQL is a lightwe...
19-03-2018 15:39:18 Severalnines MySQL
Row Goals, Part 4: The Anti Join Anti Pattern
Paul White continues his series on row goals, treating a redundant and problematic TOP (1) that is added to the inner side of an apply anti ...
19-03-2018 14:31:57 SQL performance (sqlsentry) SQL Server
Thoughts about the APEX_UTIL package
The APEX_UTIL package in Oracle Application Express is a mixed bag of "miscellaneous" stuff. From the documentation: "You can use the APEX_U...
19-03-2018 14:26:11 Morten Braten Oracle

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