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That Google Checksum Tool
Google recently released a tool to check on-disk checksums in PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL being hot, and Google being Google, this generated a lo...
17-07-2018 20:39:03 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
ClusterControl Release 1.6.2: New Backup Management and Security Features for MySQL & PostgreSQL
We are excited to announce the 1.6.2 release of ClusterControl - the all-inclusive database management system that lets you easily automate ...
17-07-2018 17:53:03 Severalnines MySQL
A New tempdb Trace Flag Appears!
Coming Around Microsoft has been doing a good job of taking stuff that used to be Wizard Hat and making it part of out of the box functional...
17-07-2018 16:33:45 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Which Privileges Are Required to Use the ADWC Service Console?
The Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADWC) service provides a Service Console that can be used to monitor the service activity and to carry ...
17-07-2018 15:12:13 Christian Antognini Oracle
SQL Operators: The Complete Guide
Do you want to know the different ways of comparing data in SQL, using operators? SQL operators include EXISTS, IN, LIKE, BETWEEN, and many ...
17-07-2018 14:02:05 DBS (Database Star) Oracle
Spoofing Data Convincingly: Altering Table Data
When you are developing an existing database, or demonstrating it, you nowadays need pseudonymised data, or even better, completely anonymiz...
17-07-2018 12:20:12 Simple Talk SQL Server
Rebuilding Indexes: Danger With Clustering Factor Calculation (Chilly Down)
Let me start by saying if you don't already following Jonathan Lewis's excellent Oracle blog, do yourself a favour. In a recent article, Jon...
17-07-2018 09:34:08 Richard Foote Oracle
One of those things: /tmp/pgpool_status
(This is another intermittent series of small things that are easy to forget, and cause irritation in the PostgreSQL world ) When setting up...
17-07-2018 06:54:07 The Build (Christopher Pettus) PostgreSQL
SQL SERVER – Backup to URL – Script to Generate Credential and Backup using Shared Access Signature (SAS)
As I mentioned in my earlier blog, backup to URL is one of the common methods used in SQL Server performs a backup to Azure Blob Storage. In...
17-07-2018 04:17:55 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Microsoft MVP - Ten Years and Counting
I am happy, honored, and humbled to receive the Microsoft MVP award for the tenth straight year. I still recall my first MVP award and how i...
16-07-2018 22:58:46 Thomas LaRock SQL Server

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