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MongoDB Stitch Triggers & Amazon Kinesis - The AWS re:Invent Stitch Rover Demo
This post delves into using MongoDB Stitch Triggers and the Stitch AWS service to push MongoDB database changes to Amazon Kinesis. This is t...
18-12-2018 17:24:35 Andrew Morgan MySQL
Unix ODBC Oracle
To connect via ODBC, check This article is related to Unix/Linux. Often you have a fat client written in C, while java uses JDBC instead of ...
18-12-2018 17:13:54 Laurent Schneider Oracle
Quickly Compare Data in Two Tables Using CHECKSUM and CHECKSUM_AGG
There are times when we need to compare two tables and figure out if the data matches. I often see a number of ways of doing this suggested,...
18-12-2018 15:57:29 SQLUndercover SQL Server
T-SQL Tuesday 109: Influence Somebody Recap
Small tokens of gratitude and small actions help to build this wonderful SQL Community that gives and gives and gives. Humility leads us to ...
18-12-2018 15:53:25 Jason Brimhall SQL Server
Sniffed Nulls and Magic Numbers
I Sniff Your Milkshake Building off of A Simple Stored Procedure Pattern To Avoid, I wanted to talk about a similar one that I see quite oft...
18-12-2018 15:48:30 Brent Ozar SQL Server
NULL predicate
People ask me from time to time if I'm going to write another book on the Cost Based Optimizer and I think the answer has to be no because t...
18-12-2018 14:27:14 Jonathan Lewis Oracle
Make public package constants available to SQL
This is an enhancement request on ODC and a recent Twitter topic. Here is a homemade solution using the SQL Translation Framework.
18-12-2018 13:01:38 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Exploring SQL Server on Linux – Data Dance
Cet article Exploring SQL Server on Linux Data Dance est apparu en premier sur dbi services.
18-12-2018 11:47:26 dbi services Mishmash
SQL SERVER – Information Message: Cannot shrink file in database to xxxx pages as it only contains yyyy pages.
I often get emails from my blog readers asking various types of clarifications about my own blog. Here is one of the interesting questions f...
18-12-2018 03:22:02 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Constraining and checking JSON Data in SQL Server Tables
So you have a database with JSON in it. Can you validate it? I don't mean just to ensure that it is valid JSON, but ensure that the JSON con...
18-12-2018 00:31:16 Simple Talk SQL Server

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