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#0383 - SQL Server - Basics - Msg 1013 - The objects in the FROM clause have the same exposed names. Use correlation names to distinguish them.
A personal best practice to ensure that objects in a query are aliased properly avoids SQL Server error Msg 1013 - "The objects in the FROM ...
29-08-2016 07:15:29 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
SQL SERVER – GetRegKeyAccessMask : Could Not Get Registry Access Mask For Registry Key – SQL Server Cluster
I have been getting many requests from my HIRE-ME page and a few of them are getting change to my blog. This is the outcome of one of my cli...
29-08-2016 04:31:22 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Oracle Database Cloud (DBaaS) Performance Consistency - Part 3
This is the third part of this installment, comparing the performance consistency of the DBaaS cloud offering with a dedicated physical host...
29-08-2016 00:26:34 Randolf Geist Oracle
Smarter DG Broker in Oracle 12c
In Oracle 11G, DG Broker needed to be told whether the standby database was physical or logical. The command to add database in 11G was some...
29-08-2016 00:23:01 dbwhisperer Oracle
How to Run DBCC CHECKDB on a Log Shipping Subscriber
At first glance, if you set up log shipping the way most folks do, it looks like you can't run CHECKDB on a subscriber: On SQL Server Enterp...
28-08-2016 16:10:08 Brent Ozar SQL Server
How important is "up to date" to you ?
I wrote a post a while back showing how one of the options with an Oracle Text index is to keep that index perfectly updated with its underl...
28-08-2016 10:21:45 Connor McDonald Oracle
Remotely Enable Always On
Always On Availability Groups is the new feature for High Availability in SQL Server 2012. It's been out for awhile now, but unless you have...
28-08-2016 07:49:44 Toad SQL Server SQL Server
Synthetic Full Backup for Oracle
Synthetic full backup is a method for combining incremental backup into a full backup. It is not a new thing, many backup utilities can do t...
28-08-2016 07:43:09 dbwhisperer Oracle
How to Get Started with SQL Server 2016? – Interview Question of the Week #085
Interviews are two way streets, sometime interviewer asks questions and sometime candidate asks questions. In a recent interview, I was aske...
28-08-2016 03:38:42 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Forum Post: SQL Server 2014: Creating new table from file and row counts not matching with file and Object explorer window
I am uploading a 3.2 million row file with two columns. I first create the table I want the data to go into and set the columns to be NVARCH...
28-08-2016 00:53:09 Toad SQL Server SQL Server

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