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Waiting for PostgreSQL 11 – Indexes with INCLUDE columns and their support in B-tree
On 7th of April 2018, Teodor Sigaev committed patch: Indexes with INCLUDE columns and their support in B-tree This patch introduces INCLUDE ...
26-04-2018 15:56:14 depesz (Hubert Lubaczewski) PostgreSQL
Concurrency Week: An Odd Case of Blocking
It's Not A Trigger Because I know, I know. It's always a trigger. Ha ha ha this query on [Table Unrelated] is causing blocking on [Other Tab...
26-04-2018 15:55:52 Brent Ozar SQL Server
How to do Point-in-Time Recovery of MySQL & MariaDB Data using ClusterControl
Backups are crucial when it comes to safety of data. They are the ultimate disaster recovery solution - you have no database nodes reachable...
26-04-2018 13:09:38 Severalnines MySQL
MySQL Community Awards Winners 2018
One of the highlights of Percona Live is that the winners of the annual MySQL Community Awards are announced. A 100% community effort, the a...
26-04-2018 10:45:12 Percona MySQL
pspg 1.1 with readline support
I released new version of pspg. Last version has integrated readline library - now, the editing of searching stings is little bit more comfo...
26-04-2018 09:04:58 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Europe June 2018 Seminars: Confirmed Venues for Oslo, Munich and Zürich
I'm very excited to confirm all venues for the European June 2018 dates of my popular "Oracle Indexing Internals and Best Practices" seminar...
26-04-2018 09:03:15 Richard Foote Oracle
SQL Server 2016 – SQL Server Telemetry \ CEIP Services
CEIP (Customer Experience Improvement Program) is somethings runs from ages and almost each vendor perform it to collect product usage data,...
26-04-2018 06:22:04 Rohit Garg SQL Server
SQL Saturday Jacksonville – I'm Speaking!
Every so often, I want to try a new location to go to, and possibly speak at, a SQL Saturday event. This year, my new experience will be to ...
26-04-2018 05:02:22 Simple Talk SQL Server
Percona Live 2018: Closing Ceremony with Lightning Talks
Percona Live 2018 is officially done! The closing ceremony ends the conference with a last few lightning talks and a prize giveaway. We ende...
26-04-2018 03:56:41 Percona MySQL
PowerShell – Get Maximum Memory of Server with dbatools
Yesterday I blogged about the very famous Powershell free community tool dbatools. After writing this blog post, I received some interesting...
26-04-2018 03:53:00 Pinal Dave SQL Server

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