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How To Index Your Database
Do you know what database indexes are and how they work? Do they seem hard to understand? They don't have to be. The basic principles you ne...
20-04-2018 15:45:56 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
Does an Index on Just The Clustering Key Ever Make Sense?
Say you've got a table in this case, I'm using the Stack Overflow Posts table, which holds all of the questions and answers: See the cluster...
20-04-2018 15:35:30 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Live Q&A for beginner contributors on IRC every Monday! Join #maria @ 8:00 to 10:00 UTC
MariaDB is pleased to announce that we now have a dedicated time each week when we answer new contributor questions live on IRC. Starting fr...
20-04-2018 11:41:12 MariaDB MySQL
Sysbench-tpcc Supports PostgreSQL (No, Really This Time)
This time, we really mean it when we say sysbench-tpcc supports PostgreSQL. When I initially announced sysbench-tpcc, I mentioned it potenti...
20-04-2018 04:57:14 Percona MySQL
SQL SERVER – FIX: Unable to Create Distribution Database on a UNC Share – Configure Distribution
Whenever we try to use Configure Distribution option in SSMS in a SQL Server instance which is configured on a UNC Path, the wizard will not...
20-04-2018 03:32:05 Pinal Dave SQL Server
What's New in MySQL 8.0? (Generally Available)
We proudly announce General Availability of MySQL 8.0. Download now! MySQL 8.0 is an extremely exciting new version of the world's most popu...
20-04-2018 03:22:59 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
short notice - pspg has integrated readline library now
Today I integrated readline support to pspg. What it is mean? Better comfort when search string is entered and mainly, persistent history of...
19-04-2018 23:32:12 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Congratulations to Our Friends at Oracle with the MySQL 8.0 GA Release!
It is a great today for whole MySQL community: MySQL 8.0 was just released as GA! Geir H ydalsvik has a great summary in his "What's New in ...
19-04-2018 22:13:38 Percona MySQL
So You Wanna Debug SQL Server Part 2
Birth Control Debugging, and, heck, even learning about debugging, is a time-consuming and often unhelpful process when it comes to tracking...
19-04-2018 20:43:41 Brent Ozar SQL Server
MySQL 8.0 - Announcing GA of the MySQL Document Store
In this blog I'll explain the big wins that come with the MySQL Document Store in the MySQL 8.0 GA. Basically SQL + NOSQL = Winning Combinat...
19-04-2018 20:40:34 MySQL Server Blog MySQL

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