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Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 21/2018
Best of Top SQL Blogs, year 2018, week 21
27-05-2018 07:52:15 Jiri Pinkas Mishmash
Upcoming Webinar Thursday, 5/24: What's New in MongoDB 3.6
Please join Percona's Senior Support Engineer, Adamo Tonete as he presents What's New in MongoDB 3.6 on Thursday, May 24th, 2018, at 12:30 P...
27-05-2018 06:35:00 Percona MySQL
How to Write Errors in Error Log? – Interview Question of the Week #175
Question: How to Write Errors in Error Log ? Answer: This question was asked by my one of my customer during SQL Server Performance Tuning P...
27-05-2018 03:52:20 Pinal Dave SQL Server
The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch
I bought a Fitbit Versa smartwatch and I like some aspects of it a lot. Unlike the hybrid analog/smart watches I've been trying recently, th...
27-05-2018 02:38:08 Baron Schwartz (xaprb) MySQL
ProxySQL 1.4.8 and Updated proxysql-admin Tool Now in the Percona Repository
ProxySQL 1.4.8, released by ProxySQL, is now available for download in the Percona Repository along with an updated version of Percona's pro...
26-05-2018 23:58:09 Percona MySQL
[Video] Office Hours 2018/5/23 (With Transcriptions)
This week, Brent, Tara, and Richie discuss relaying SQL Server performance updates to upper management, differential backups in AlwaysOn Ava...
26-05-2018 21:05:57 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Percona Toolkit 3.0.10 Is Now Available
Percona announces the release of Percona Toolkit 3.0.10 on May 22, 2018. Percona Toolkit is a collection of advanced open source command-lin...
26-05-2018 17:14:24 Percona MySQL
UKOUG EPM & Hyperion Event 6th June, 2018
Come up really soon is the annual EPM and Hyperion event organised by the UKOUG. This year it will be on 6th June at Sandown Park Racecourse...
26-05-2018 15:40:40 Brendan Tierney Oracle
More on Comparing Columns across Rows
My previous post got several replies about other ways to compare columns across rows. Here's my take on all of them.
26-05-2018 14:19:33 Stewart Ashton Oracle
Combining Amazon Aurora, Lambda, and SQS to go Beyond the Native Capabilities of MySQL
Tapping the power of serverless computing via Lambda functions and cloud-native technologies allows us to extend the native capabilities tha...
26-05-2018 14:19:30 Simple Talk SQL Server

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