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How to Restore a SQL Server Database into Azure SQL DB Managed Instances
You've built your first Managed Instance, and now you wanna play around with real live data. You're going to need a backup in the cloud to d...
18-03-2018 10:24:29 Brent Ozar SQL Server
NDB Checkpoints and research on In-Memory Databases
I just read an article called Low-Overhead Asynchronous Checkpointing in Main-Memory Database Systems. It was mentioned in a course in Datab...
18-03-2018 07:56:04 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 11/2018
Best of Top SQL Blogs, year 2018, week 11
18-03-2018 07:52:19 Jiri Pinkas Mishmash
Oracle Tidbits – January 2018 #oratidbit
"Oracle *daily* TidBits" (#oratidbit) published on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ during weekdays in January 2018. You will also see these t...
18-03-2018 06:24:29 Biju Thomas Oracle
Azure SQL DB Managed Instances: Trace Flags, Ahoy!
When you talk to people from Microsoft They're all "aw shucks" about Trace Flags. "Don't really need'em!" "Eh, haven't used one in years." "...
18-03-2018 03:46:07 Brent Ozar SQL Server
How to Find SQL Server Deprecated Features Used by the Application? – Interview Question of the Week #165
There are many applications which are developed using an older version of SQL Server. As there are new releases happening, there are feature...
18-03-2018 02:33:16 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Partial LCPs and disk space
One of the main objectives of the new Partial LCP algorithm in MySQL Cluster 7.6 is to keep up with the development of modern HW. I have alr...
18-03-2018 01:16:47 Mikael Ronstrom MySQL
Oracle Tidbits – February 2018 #oratidbit
"Oracle *daily* TidBits" (#oratidbit) published on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ during weekdays in February 2018. You will also see these ...
17-03-2018 23:46:23 Biju Thomas Oracle
Azure SQL DB Managed Instances: We're All GUIDs
Six is having problems adjusting to his clone status Some funny things happen when you create databases up in a Managed Instance. For Instan...
17-03-2018 21:08:34 Brent Ozar SQL Server
PASS Marathon GDPR Edition: Recordings now available!
You have certainly already heard about the new European Regulation 679/2016, better known as GDPR, on the protection of personal data. GDPR ...
17-03-2018 19:45:05 Sergio Govoni SQL Server

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