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Datatype conversion laziness … yet another reason
I've got two words to describe my thoughts on being lazy with data types . JUST DON'T! There's been many blog posts, videos, AskTOM question...
24-09-2018 09:20:02 Connor McDonald Oracle
SQL SERVER – Selecting Random n Rows from a Table
Every day I spend a good amount of time with different customers helping them with SQL Server Performance Tuning issues. Today we will discu...
24-09-2018 03:57:55 Pinal Dave SQL Server
This Week in Data with Colin Charles 53: It's MariaDB Week PLUS Percona Live Europe Update
Join Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database communi...
23-09-2018 22:48:12 Percona MySQL
[Video] Office Hours 2018/9/19 (With Transcriptions)
This week, Brent, Tara, Erik, and Richie discuss moving views between databases, Cluster Quorum File Share on AlwaysOn, checking for corrupt...
23-09-2018 22:41:08 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Is Certification Worth It?
I was recently asked if I thought getting a Microsoft certification was valuable. I see quite a few benefits. Certifications might help your...
23-09-2018 21:20:47 Simple Talk SQL Server
End-of-Life Reminder for Percona Server for MongoDB 3.2
As noted on our Software and Platform Lifecycle page, Percona Server for MongoDB 3.2 will be end of life on September 30, 2018. According to...
23-09-2018 16:22:24 Percona MySQL
SQL SERVER – Query to Find the Longest Running Function – Function Elapsed Time
I love my job of SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization consultant as every single day I walk into the customer door (well, to be ho...
23-09-2018 16:21:26 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Thoughts on the Code of Conduct Controversy
My overall perspective here is that the PostgreSQL community needs a code of conduct, and one which allows the committee to act in some case...
23-09-2018 16:18:21 LedgerSMB PostgreSQL
6 DBA Lessons I Wish Someone Would Have Taught Me Earlier
I was talking to a DBA friend of mine, reminiscing about some of the hard lessons we learned early on in our career. The more we talked, the...
23-09-2018 16:15:48 Brent Ozar SQL Server
Securing PostgreSQL as an Enterprise-Grade Environment
In this post, we review how you can build an enhanced and secure PostgreSQL database environment using community software. We look at the fe...
23-09-2018 09:42:49 Percona MySQL

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