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SQL SERVER – Get List of the Logical and Physical Name of the Files in the Entire Database
One of the most popular questions I often receive is why do I like to do consultation - my answer is very simple - it gives me an opportunit...
19-11-2018 02:57:53 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Presenting at AUSOUG Connect 2018 Conference in Melbourne, 21 November 2018.
After initially not being in a position to make it this year, I will now be presenting at the AUSOUG Connect 2018 Conference in Melbourne th...
18-11-2018 13:26:21 Richard Foote Oracle
Polymorphic Table Functions
I have been working on a presentation on Polymorphic Table Functions. During this time I was looking for a real use case for Polymorphic Tab...
18-11-2018 08:20:16 Patrick Barel Oracle
Top SQL Blogs Weekly: Best of 46/2018
Best of Top SQL Blogs, year 2018, week 46
18-11-2018 08:20:13 Jiri Pinkas Mishmash
How to Trim TIME Part in DATETIME Values? – Interview Question of the Week #200
Question: How to Trim TIME Part in DATETIME Values? First appeared on How to Trim TIME Part in DATETIME Values? Interview Question of the We...
18-11-2018 03:02:55 Pinal Dave SQL Server
[Video] Office Hours 2018/11/14 (With Transcriptions)
This week, Tara, Erik, and Richie discuss using Docker in dev environment, in-place upgrades, disaster recovery, the minimum amount of CPU a...
17-11-2018 16:17:57 Brent Ozar SQL Server
2019 Developers Unconference, New York
February in New York City is again MariaDB time, and the first MariaDB Developers Unconference of 2019 will take place on Saturday 23 and Su...
17-11-2018 13:45:10 MariaDB MySQL
new update pspg
I released new update of pspg . It is bugfix release + new HiColor theme.
17-11-2018 13:30:29 Pavel Stehule PostgreSQL
Visualizing the MySQL Bug Tide (2018 edition)
I've updated the bug tide graph I made in 2016 with today's data. The source code and details are here.
17-11-2018 12:26:12 Daniel van Eeden MySQL
SQL SERVER – Optimize Key Lookup by Creating Index with Include Columns
I love query tuning and performance tuning projects. In one of the recent Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check my client had a ve...
17-11-2018 03:00:09 Pinal Dave SQL Server

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