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MySQL X DevAPI Connection Pool with Connector/Python
If you have an application that need to use multiple connections to the MySQL database for short periods of times, it can be a good to use a...
15-11-2018 09:19:34 Dev MySQL Blog MySQL
MySQL 8.0.13: Change Current Password Policy
We have introduced a new policy for you to enforce on your non-privileged users. It requires their current password at the time they set a n...
15-11-2018 09:09:44 MySQL Server Blog MySQL
SQL SERVER – Steps to Change IP Address of SQL Server Failover Cluster Instance
There have been many questions in my mailbox asking about exact steps to change the windows cluster and SQL failover cluster IP address to t...
15-11-2018 02:29:09 Pinal Dave SQL Server
Enable Index To Search For NULLs By Adding Constant to Index List. But Some Constants Better Than Others (Never Let Me Down)
By default, Oracle doesn't index an entry if all columns within the index are NULL. However, (as I've blogged previously), it's possible to ...
15-11-2018 02:17:49 Richard Foote Oracle
opatch investigations
This blogpost is about opatch and how to obtain information about the current oracle home(s), and how to obtain information about the patche...
14-11-2018 19:28:24 Frits Hoogland Oracle
Getting Excel Data as JSON: Rainfall and Sheep-Counting
You might think that it is easy to get JSON data from a spreadsheet, and there are plenty of utilities around that are based on the idea tha...
14-11-2018 19:27:52 Simple Talk SQL Server
Percona Live Frankfurt 2018 - Event Recap & Our Sessions
Severalnines was pleased to yet again sponsor Percona Live Europe which was held this year in Frankfurt, Germany. Thanks to the Percona Team...
14-11-2018 16:44:05 Severalnines MySQL
PipelineDB 1.0: High-Performance Time-Series Aggregation for PG 11
#282 November 14, 2018 Read on the Web Postgres Weekly PipelineDB 1.0: High-Performance Time-Series Aggregation for PG 11 If this feels simi...
14-11-2018 16:41:14 Postgres Weekly PostgreSQL
Power BI Monthly Digest – November 2018
In this month's Power BI Digest with my friend Manuel Quintana [Blog | Twitter] and I will again guide you through some of our favoriteConti...
14-11-2018 15:31:06 Devin Knight SQL Server
Adventures In Foreign Keys 3: A Cascade Of Badness
Legendreary In the last post, I looked at some issues with implementing foreign keys with cascading actions. Namely that, well, it fell apar...
14-11-2018 15:27:48 Brent Ozar SQL Server

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